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Blueprint of Stem Cell Wiring Gives Scientists Control

In SCIENCE & STEM CELLS on March 3, 2012 at 12:47 am


Blueprint of Stem Cell Wiring Gives Scientists Control

March 2, 2012

Despite the promise associated with the therapeutic use of human stem cells, a complete understanding of the mechanisms that control the fundamental question of whether a stem cell becomes a specific cell type within the body or remains a stem cell has-until now-eluded scientists.

A Univ. of Georgia study published in today’s edition of the journal Cell Stem Cell, however, creates the first ever blueprint of how stem cells are wired to respond to the external signaling molecules to which they are constantly exposed. The finding, which reconciles years of conflicting results from labs across the world, gives scientists the ability to precisely control the development, or differentiation, of stem cells into specific cell types.

Laboratory Equipment – Blueprint of Stem Cell Wiring Gives Scientists Control.

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