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Robot Assisted Stem Cell Therapy a First in Thailand


Bangkok, Thailand (PRWEB) November 9, 2005 – In a historic operation, surgeons at Bangkok Heart Hospital performed Thailand’s first robot-assisted cardiac stem cell implantation on October 27, 2005. Utilizing Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci Surgical System and VesCell™ adult stem cell therapy for heart disease from TheraVitae Ltd., surgeons treated a no-option, ischemic cardiomyopathy patient from Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA.

Dr. Kitipan V. Arom and Sujit Banyatpiyaphod utilized the da Vinci system to make the initial pericardial incision. They then implanted the stem cells directly into the patient’s heart using the minimally invasive stem cell injection technique pioneered by Dr. Amit Patel, Director of Cardiac Stem Cell Therapies at The McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and Dr. Arom, who is the Chief Cardiac Surgeon at Bangkok Heart Hospital.



Robotically assisted surgery requires only three small holes be made between the ribs. Through these holes, two robotic arms and a videoscope gain access to the heart, making surgery possible without opening the chest.

“We are proud to be associated with hospitals like Bangkok Heart Hospital,” said TheraVitae’s Founder, Don Margolis. “They are merging the latest medical technology and surgical techniques to improve the lives of seriously ill heart patients who cannot be treated by conventional means and would otherwise have no hope,” he added.


About VesCell™
VesCell™ uses a patient’s own adult stem cells to treat Heart Disease and is a viable alternative for patients who either cannot undergo or choose not to undergo the standard treatment such as Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG).

VesCell™ uses adult stem cells harvested from approximately ½ pint of the patients own blood to treat several heart conditions. Once harvested, the cells are differentiated and expanded in vitro at TheraVitae’s Labs in Israel. They are ready for implantation in about one week.

VesCell Web Site – http://www.vescell.com
Stem Cell Therapy Blog – http://www.stem-cell-therapy.vescell.com

About TheraVitae
TheraVitae is a private, multinational company focused on using stem cells from the patient’s own blood in order to treat a variety of disorders, especially cardiovascular diseases. The company has developed a proprietary stem cell technology called VesCell™ that is currently being used by hospitals in Thailand to treat patients with heart disease. TheraVitae is based in Bangkok, Thailand, Kiryat Weizmann, Israel, and Hong Kong.

TheraVitae Corporate Web Site – http://www.theravitae.com

About Bangkok Heart Hospital
Bangkok Heart Hospital (BHH) – the first private heart hospital in Thailand – is a leading institution in the treatment of cardiac-related disease using adult stem cells. The hospital is currently using TheraVitae’s VesCell™ adult stem cell product to treat cardiomyopathy in no-option heart patients. Additionally, BHH has initiated a clinical trial using VesCell™ in conjunction with Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG) to treat congestive heart failure.

BHH is comprised of experienced adult & pediatric cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiac anesthesiologists, cardiac rehabilitation physicians and radiologists who have trained and worked overseas in countries such as the United States, Australia and Japan. Their well-trained and experienced nurses, technicians and paramedical personnel provide 24-hour care for all cardiac conditions.

Bangkok Heart Hospital Web Site – http://www.bangkokheart.com

Author Information:
Jay D. Lenner Jr.
TheraVitae Ltd.

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Jordan to host ground-breaking trial on heart patients | Ascent | AMEinfo.com

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“As we tell you every chance we get, virtually everything you hear about stem cells in America is a lie—especially the nonsense about the science fiction known as “embryonic stem cells.”  However, those USA researchers who are using the only stem cells that work, Adult Stem Cells, also exaggerate regularly about their “new” “groundbreaking” discoveries.

Bioheart is a Florida company, one which we have long admired for its efforts to bring stem cells to the thousands of heart patients who could live longer and better lives rather than suffer with the obsolete, toxic medicines their doctors are forced to use.

Notice in this article about a new clinical trial in Jordan, how CEO Karl Groth carefully explains, without exaggeration, the potential benefits of his truly groundbreaking product.  But then read this statement from the doctor in Jordan who is running the trial.  His statement wasn’t even true five years ago!

“He said that until now heart muscle damage was considered irreversible and permanent.”

That is something we hear from USA promoters all the time. The super hype bologna is now in the middle-east!

VesCell (Thailand, Israel, Dominican Rep) has treated 500 patients, starting 1/1/05, with autologous stem cells, while the Johann Strauss Institute in Frankfurt has done about that many—all OUTSIDE clinical trials, for patients who once had no options and no hope.   90%+ of VesCell’s patients would not qualify for any trial.  Indeed, over half of them could not even qualify for a transplant!

So, Dr. Imad, we are sorry you are five years behind the times, as most Americans are.  We wish you the best in your upcoming trial.”

For the full story on available data and stem cell treatments for heart disease: https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/heart-disease-treatment/

To find the best clinic in the world for treating Heart Disease, all you need to do is fill out this form HEART DISEASE TREATMENT – INFO REQUEST

Jordan to host ground-breaking trial on heart patients

A ground-breaking clinical trial on patients with congestive heart failure is to take place in Jordan in the capital’s Jordan Hospital, according to Dr Karl Groth, Chairman and CEO of Bioheart, Inc. Bioheart is fueled by a Middle East medical fund, the Ascent Medical Technology Fund II, LP.

The FDA-approved study, REGEN, is set to observe 15 patients with congestive heart failure treated with genetically-modified MyoCell, a process that uses the patient’s own muscle as a basis for treatment.

Groth said that MyoCell has been successfully tested in four clinical trials and advised that pre-trial research results from studies using Myocell with SDF-1, indicate significant improvement in patients with congestive heart failure (CHF).

“The results of REGEN pre-clinical studies using modified myoblasts show a marked improvement in the heart function of patients with CHF,” said Dr Groth. Groth is also President and CEO of the General Partner, and member of the Ascent Group.

He explained that modified myoblasts induce a higher release of SDF-1 protein, the catalyst that generates stem cells in the body after an injury.

“The research conducted in advance of pre-clinical trials strongly indicates that genetically modified stem cell therapy may increase the speed of repair or regeneration of heart muscles. This means that a patient can return to a normal lifestyle, faster.

We have found that SDF-1 releases additional therapeutic proteins to assist in the tissue repair process, resulting in a more expansive and quicker repair,” said Groth.

The REGEN clinical trial is the first and only FDA-approved clinical study evaluating the therapeutic benefit of combined modified gene-cell therapy for CHF.

Dr. Imad Alh addad, MD, FACC, FACP and Co-Director of the Jordan Cardiovascular Centre, is Principal Investigator, leading the Study. He said that until now heart muscle damage was considered irreversible and permanent. “As a result of the trials, we can now help regenerate and repair heart muscle using innovative techniques like stem cell therapy. The REGEN trial is the milestone study that will help us achieve these goals.”

Groth added that the REGEN trial is designed to test the safety and effectiveness of the composition of muscle stem cells that have been gene-modified to induce a greater than usual release of the SDF-1 protein.

“We fully expect that this trial will significantly enhance the clinical improvements we have already observed in our Phase II/III MyoCell study,” Groth said.

He explained that unlike other tissues, the heart muscle does not release sufficient SDF-1 to attract the number of stem cells to promote complete self-healing, often resulting in scar tissue formation and an impairment of normal heart function.

According to statistics (American Heart Association), the US spends approximately US$22.5 billion per year on the treatment of patients with heart failure.

After completing the REGEN trial, we plan to transition this second-generation product into its FDA approved Phase II/III MARVEL study.

“Bioheart plans to further study the impact of modified myoblasts by observing three groups; a set of patients who are participating in the study and observing the differences in clinical and heart function among the modified group, those who are treated with MyoCell alone, and a placebo group, concluded Groth.

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Grinstead Still Grinning – 2 Years afterwards Adult Stem Cell Therapy

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Grinstead Still Grinning – 2 Years afterwards Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Monday, March 15, 2010 – Seventeen years ago Bob Grinstead, now 71, from Roswell, Georgia, had his first massive heart attack. After a series of grafts he continued working as a salesman for five years until told to retire as he was in and out of hospital having stents inserted – and then having to have them cleaned out.

In 2003 he had another bypass, this time with three grafts and a short while later he needed three medicated stents. After all this he still went on the next year to have four more heart attacks and yet another bypass was proposed. His specialist at Emory University, not surprisingly, told him his heart was not strong enough to undergo further surgery, so he investigated a laser procedure that would have cut away a part of his heart. Declining this offer his family searched for some real help.

A son read about a man who had had his own adult stem cells injected and was now active, so Bob searched to see if he could get on a clinical trial. His fear that if accepted he might end up in a placebo group sent his family scuttling back to the internet and eventually they found Theravitae, an Israeli-Thai company at the forefront of research and development into adult stem cells for heart failure, ischemic heart disease and cardiomyopathy. Bob read about patients’ successful outcomes and came to believe that adult stem cell therapy represented his best chance.

By the end of 2004 Bob was taking a daily tablet of nitro and gobbling up more every time he exerted himself. The least activity proved painful, and to travel, as he did in December of that year, entailed a wheelchair at every airport. In March 2005 he went to Bangkok, still needing an airport wheelchair and entered Chao Phaya Hospital under the care of renowned cardiologist Dr. Suphachai. After a simple blood draw which was flown to Israel to the laboratory for harvesting of the stem cells he needed, he had to wait a few days until the enriched supply of millions of his adult stem cells were reintroduced into his heart by catheter.

His experience of the hospital and care on Bangkok was simply, “Fantastic. The hospital was spotless and I received the most thorough physical examination I had ever had. The nurses, too, were just wonderful.”

Returning home Bob continued with his nitro tablets the first week but despite being more active, walking further and feeling better within four weeks he was experiencing no chest pain at all, so dispensed with his nitro. He continues to improve to this day and notes that his EF (a measure of the heart’s effectiveness at pumping blood) has risen from 30 to 46.

Two years later Bob is feeling great. He does what he wants to do. He can walk for half an hour and use a treadmill. Living without chest pain alone has been fantastic enough for him to volunteer his time to talk to people contemplating receiving adult stem cell therapy and to share his story.

Bob could have sat on his decking and read a book until he died but instead he and his wife have been to London (where they walked everywhere), the British Virgin Islands and he has skippered a 47-foot catamaran for a week. He is so busy traveling around catching up with his family that in the last year he has spent only six months at home.

The cost? “Not a waste for two years of life. I reckon it was a pretty good buy. It’s a far better option than a bypass,” he said.

Theravitae- makers of Vescell have now helped over 200 end-stage heart patients. Their clinical trial results have demonstrated that over 75 percent of heart failure, ischemic heart disease and cardiomyopathy patients can expect to regain a far better quality of life, be more active and pain free. Further clinical trails are planned and recently the company received Thailand’s Board of Investment approval. The future looks bright for being able to claim that most patients not only gain a better quality of life, but a considerably longer life than they might have expected.

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Cardiomyopathy Patient Can Do Triathlon After Adult Stem Cells

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Eighteen months in the life of Jason Ludwick has been dominated by what he could do. He was in and out of hospital and living with a cocktail of expensive drugs to try to keep your heart failing operation. Then, like hundreds of others went to Thailand for adult stem cell therapy for real help heart disease.

Jason Ludwick aged 34 from West Bloomfield, Michigan, counts himself a lucky man. Born with an atrial septal defect, when I was 15 had a pacemaker, 21, was diagnosed as having cardiomyopathy and 25 had a defibrillator in place and an ejection fraction only 8-10 percent. Heart failure dominated and restricted his life until he received adult stem cell therapy. Now he says that with the training I could do a triathlon.

While his teammates ran and played sports, Jason’s life has been dominated by his illness and his heart does not guarantee which does not run and do not practice any contact sport. I was in and out of hospital and living in a cocktail of expensive drugs. Bled your kidneys, your inflammation the liver, which suffered from asthma and had trouble getting rid of a common cold. Still, Jason has tried to live as normally as possible, though her heart was failing constantly.

His mother called for help after being removed from a heart transplant list. It was then left alone with drugs, I had some unpleasant side effects, and always felt tired and depressed, as he paced back and forth to specialists with their medication reviewed. And then his mother know about therapy with adult stem cells.

Barely a month after gene therapy for adult cells, Jason knows that his life would change, “My heart was beating better, more rhythmic, and I had more energy,” he said. “After six months, I got up and flying, feeling 100 percent different. I could mow the lawn, walking, bicycling with my kids, lift weights – do whatever I wanted, “he said.” I’m always on the road with our fifth child on the road and still working as full-time mother. ”

Jason has always enjoyed a tremendous level of support from family and friends, but is very happy to spend time advising other cardiomyopathy people the power of positive thinking. “We always try to be positive,” he advises. ” There is hope. Watch your diet and get the word adult stem cell therapy is interesting to do. This is nothing like what you might think. ”

Hundreds of people suffering from terminal to terminal failure of the heart, cardiomyopathy or coronary disease, who were impressed by the result of adult stem cells and clinical outcome. Those who said they are without any treatment option now have the option of staying home to await death or to join more than 75 percent which has a life characterized by greater energy and less symptoms.

The adult stem cell therapy, which appears to be a lifeline to all Heart patients who are tired of being sick, or do not want their lives are characterized by restricted activity, low energy, pain, cost and brevity. The trend will continue to grow as people become more aware of that can not be harmed by a therapy that uses their own adult stem cells and that the procedures are simple, effective and performed in world class hospitals by skilled, heart specialists often prominent. Most encouraging clinical outcomes are compatible with the results of research and relationship with patients. If Jason gets the time to train and not a triathlon, the world just sit and take notes.


About the Author:

Jon Bradshaw writes constantly about the next to miraculous effects of adult stem cells. Theravitae’s Vescell adult stem cells the new frontier of regenerative medicine. They offer a return to a more active, longer and healthier life to patients who have heart disease or PAD. They are derived from the patient’s own blood so cannot be rejected by the body.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comCardiomyopathy Patient Declares He Could Do A Triathlon After Adult Stem Cell Treatment

New Heart, New Love, New Son Courtesy of Adult Stem Cells

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New Heart, New Love, New Son Courtesy of Adult Stem Cells

Ten years ago a Surfers Paradise manss life was dominated by heart disease and time was running out. Now he has been granted a new wife and baby son better health total happiness.

Peter Irwin from Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia, has much to be thankful for. Ten years ago he was depressed, ill and deeply unhappy. He suffered from both Dilated Cardiomyopathy and some Ischemic Heart Disease that was slowly but surely killing him. Told there was nothing more that could be done for him and with no hope of living beyond another two years he started to seek for someone or something that could give him better odds.

An internet search unearthed that adult stem cells can offer hope and help. Peter failed to get on to a clinical trial in his own country because he was too ill to meet their entry criteria and so he went to Bangkok in October 2005 thinking he had nothing to lose.

Within four months of a simple procedure at a Bangkok Heart Hospital Peter was feeling much better and far more optimistic. His cardiologist had to agree that on clinical tests his heart was performing far more efficiently. His life since then has continued to improve. He still has some health issues but they no longer dominate his life. The greatest improvement has been that he can enjoy a far better quality of life and has high expectations of a very positive future.

Adult stem cell therapy helped his heart strengthen, revascularize and repair and he made other dietary and lifestyle changes that he thinks have also benefited him. If you are beyond hope of treatment because of heart disease, all is not lost, he said. Almost every day research is being published that shows just how many seriously ill heart patients can be returned to a life they thought they had lost.

To cap off all his gains Peter and his new wife have just recently brought into the world a new son. “Stem cells made me reconsider my life. I now have the love and care of a new partner and a son whom I love more than I thought it possible to love. It is indeed a miracle and I am so grateful”, Peter said.

Looking at the family photographs he sent at the time of his son’s birth Peter looks the picture of health and happiness. One would never know that such a short time ago he faced a brief, painful, anxious, hopeless and debilitating future.

Jon Bradshaw writes constantly about the next to miraculous effects of adult stem cells. Theravitae’s Vescell adult stem cells the new frontier of regenerative medicine. They offer a return to a more active, longer and healthier life to patients who have heart disease or PAD. They are derived from the patient’s own blood so cannot be rejected by the body.

Heart Muscle Health Aspects | VesCell adult stem cell therapy

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Heart Muscle Health Aspects You Should Consider

Stunned or Dying Tissue can be Rejuvenated by Adult Stem Cells Injected in the Patient’s Heart

Heart muscle health aspect from James Eilert story

Click here to see if your heart disease is treatable with Adult/Repair Stem Cells now

James Eilert, a young man, who was a victim of the heart disease epidemic that is increasingly taking hold around the world, has been given a second chance at a healthy life thanks to VesCell adult stem cell therapy.

In 2006, at the relatively young age of 34, James experienced a major heart attack. His left anterior descending artery (or what the doctors call the ‘widowmaker’) was 100% blocked. The heart attack left him with severe damage to his heart. A normal ejection fraction is generally considered to be 55-75%. At the tender age of 34, James’ ejection fraction had sunk to 20-25%. The doctors diagnosed him as being in Class III NYHA Heart Failure.

He didn’t want to die, but figured dying would be a better option than living as he was. That was when James stumbled upon VesCell on the internet. Already a patient at the world renowned Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute in Detroit, James was shocked to find out that Dr. Barbara Czerska, the Medical Director of the Heart Failure Transplant Program at Henry Ford was featured prominently on the VesCell website. That, along with reading that recent medical research indicates that dead heart tissue can be ‘awakened’ by the implantation of adult stem cells gave James new hope.

He contacted VesCell and Dr. Czerska and prepared for his trip to Bangkok, Thailand to receive a new shot of hope using his own adult stem cells.

After arrival in Bangkok, James along with his father, were well taken care of by the TheraVitae team and the doctors and nurses at Phyathai 2 Hospital. James was treated by Dr. Damras Tresukosol, the director of the Phyathai-Harvard Heart Center and also the lead investigator of TheraVitae’s clinical trial using adult stem cells which was presented at the American Heart Association annual meeting in 2006.

Treated on November 14, 2007, James received 41 million of his own adult stem cells via catheter to heal his damaged heart muscle.

Told by doctors that the stem cells would take approximately 6-8 weeks to take affect, James was pleasantly surprised that the doctors were mistaken – just 1½ weeks after his stem cell treatment,

James had an echocardiogram done and found out his previously dead part of his heart had life again….

Click [HERE] to see if your heart disease is treatable with Adult/Repair Stem Cells now

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