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This really pisses me off! 500 treatment centers out there and most of them are crap and they tarnish the entire industry!  I don’t know if this guy is a crook or not but this is why I recommend only 9 out of the 500 treatment centers. 

There are only 9 treatment centers that have passed a very rigorous set of standards.  Be careful out there guys! The benefits are huge but the path is windy and full of traps.  I’m happy to help those serious about getting treatment. 

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Nevada doctor pleads not guilty in stem cell case
A prominent Las Vegas-area pediatrician pleaded not guilty Thursday to federal charges that he and a man who falsely claimed he was a doctor conspired to implant chronically ill patients with stem cells harvested from human placentas.

A lawyer for Dr. Ralph Conti issued a statement saying Conti was cooperating with federal authorities and “believes the facts of the case will unfold in a different fashion.”

Conti, 50, of Henderson, is accused of performing procedures on patients in Las Vegas in 2006 at the direction of Alfred Sapse. The indictment alleges that some patients became infected with unspecified ailments.

Prosecutors say Sapse had no medical license in Nevada or any state but operated a company called StemCell Pharma Inc. in Las Vegas.

The company solicited investors and patients with promises to use abdominal implants of placenta tissue to treat incurable diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and the degenerative eye disease retinitis pigmentosa.

Sapse, now 85, was indicted in 2010 on 20 mail and wire fraud charges. He has pleaded not guilty. His federal public defender, Richard Boulware, declined to comment Thursday.

The indictment handed up Wednesday replaces the previous one against Sapse and leaves both Conti and Sapse facing 34 fraud and conspiracy charges.

“By misrepresenting his credentials, the nature of his treatment, the source of his `stem cells,’ and the adverse effects suffered by previous patients, defendant Sapse convinced chronically ill patients to undergo experimental implant procedures, many of which were performed by Conti,” the indictment said.

The document chronicles payments of $2,500 for implants and says the scheme reaped more than $1 million. Prosecutors allege that Sapse spent about $700,000 of the money on himself, including gambling sprees at Las Vegas casinos.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Carl Hoffman set trial for March 22. Both men could face decades in prison and millions of dollars in fines if convicted. The government also seeks the forfeiture of almost $914,000 it says is tied to the scheme.

Conti’s lawyer, Stan Hunterton, said outside court that Conti has six offices in the Las Vegas area and that he planned to continue to practice while awaiting trial.

“The matter relates to events that occurred five years ago and is unrelated to the pediatric medical practice he has operated successfully in Las Vegas for more than 20 years,” the statement said.

Prosecutors say Sapse claimed to be a retired physician who studied at the Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy in Odessa, Ukraine.

The indictment alleges he hired Conti, who had no stem cell training, to perform placenta tissue implants on about 34 patients in Las Vegas from February to November 2006.

Prosecutors allege that several patients contracted infections, leading the federal Food and Drug Administration to issue a warning in November 2006 that alleged Sapse failed to properly obtain, store, test and process the placentas, or screen donors and patients.

A spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden declined to provide details about the infections, pending trial.

Three months after the FDA letter, Sapse moved his operation to Mexico and enlisted an unnamed physician in Nuevo Progresso who the indictment alleges performed about 100 implant procedures from February 2007 to May 2010.

Cord Blood America Acquires Controlling Interest in One of Germany’s Largest Cord Blood Storage Companies

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(OTCBB: CBAI – Cord Blood America, Inc.) LATEST NEWS!! Cord Blood America Acquires Controlling Interest in One of Germany’s Largest Cord Blood Storage Companies LAS VEGAS, March 24, 2010 — Cord Blood America, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CBAI), the umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company focused on bringing the life saving potential of stem cells, a biological insurance policy, to families nationwide and internationally, announced today that it has acquired 51 percent of stellacure GmbH, the third largest cord blood banking service in Germany.

“Europe is quickly becoming a global force in the storage of stem cells for future medical use. We believe this acquisition is a perfect example of our business strategy to use acquisitions as part of the process to grow Cord Blood America into a major stem cell storage company globally,” said Matthew Schissler, Cord Blood America co-founder and CEO.

stellacure (www.stellacure.com) is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. It began storing cord blood for families in 2006 throughout Germany, and within the past year has established sales channels in Spain and Italy. It operates in conjunction with the German Red Cross Bloodservices Baden-Wuerttemberg/Hessen, which has collected cord blood for a public bank since 1996.

“Becoming a 51% stakeholder of one of Europe’s most meaningful stem cell banking companies is extremely important for us to carry out our goal of becoming the globally dominant stem cell storage company. We see acquiring a majority stake in stellacure as an important first step to further penetrate other European markets. CBAI is extremely pleased that it was chosen as stellacure’s preferred partner to foster further growth of the company and equally excited to establish a long term relationship with the largest blood service unit of the German Red Cross, as we all know a respected name globally,” Mr. Schissler said.

The transaction was introduced by specialist life sciences advisory firm CFP BioConnect AG, based in Frankfurt/Germany.

About Cord Blood America Cord Blood America (OTC Bulletin Board: CBAI) is the parent company of CorCell, which facilitates umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation for expectant parents and their children. Its mission is to be the most respected stem cell preservation company in the industry. Collected through a safe and non-invasive process, cord blood stem cells offer a powerful and potentially life-saving resource for treating a growing number of ailments, including cancer, leukemia, blood, and immune disorders. To find out more about Cord Blood America, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CBAI), visit our website at http://www.corcell.com. For investor information, visit http://www.cordblood-america.com.

via CBAI.

Cord Blood America Subsidiary Featured at NASCAR Sprint Cup S… ( SANTA MONICA Calif. and LAS VEGAS…)

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SANTA MONICA, Calif. and LAS VEGAS, March 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Cord Blood America, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CBAI), the umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company (http://www.cordblood-americmotor, speedwaya.com ) focused on bringing the life saving potential of stem cells to families nationwide and internationally, today announced its wholly owned subsidiary, RainMakers International, was featured with their logo prominent on car #49 at the Sunday, March 2, nascar UAW-Dodge 400 race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The race was featured on the FOX network.

“This is one of nascar’s West Coast premiere races, an event racing fans look forward to all year round and which was sold out for the seventh straight year,” said Matthew Schissler, Cord Blood America CEO. “RainMakers recently signed a services agreement with BAM Racing to sell advertising nationwide for the #49 race car, driven by Ken Schrader.”

“We are enormously pleased to be selected for this high-profile assignment,” said Mr. Schissler. “We’re committed to finding sponsors to be involved with BAM Racing and nascar(TM) under this unique program.”

The advertising being sold is a revolutionary new sponsorship program, over one year in development. The program’s use of high-tech programming and patent-pending systems makes possible low-cost season-long space on the car and high-tech turnkey marketing components for those who secure sponsor space.

The marketing components include a promotional video customized for each sponsor; a sponsor promo-pack that includes a royalty free image license; a comprehensive sweepstakes campaign customized for each sponsor; a race website customized for each sponsor; four recorded messages for the advertiser’s telephone “on hold” system, and the opportunity to become a primary sponsor for one race in 2008.

BAM Racing’s renowned high-tech team developed numerous proprietary patent-p

via Cord Blood America Subsidiary Featured at NASCAR Sprint Cup S… ( SANTA MONICA Calif. and LAS VEGAS…).

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