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Someone wrote:
“I tried to find out how to get this [reversing MS with stem cells] done and all the companies I called require you to pay $15,000 for stem cells they already have and go to Mexico for the procedure. I wanted to use the baby’s cord tissue stem cells”
It’s not a scam. Here’s the deal…
Cord blood is not the only game in town. You also have 80 some odd stem cell derivation sources in your OWN body…
So, odds are one of them WILL work if something goes a bit wrong down the line…
And to the most jaded, cord blood stem cell storage IS a timing marketing coup, hitting parents for stem cell storage to insure their new baby’s health when they are most vulnerable emotionally…
Then again, cord blood stem cells (all stem cells associated with reproduction) ARE very powerful with no known rejection issues…
And, there are also, of course, SOME few conditions that damage your own stem cells or production which might make the use of your existing cells non-indicated, requiring use of stored cord blood cells…
And often, older children didn’t have the opportunity to store cells and these COULD be potentially used for them…
So. Is cord blood storage a grand slam home run of guaranteed use and value? No, it is a hedging of your bets, cellular-level insurance policy against when things go terribly wrong and…that’s why most people do it.
PRICE: $15,000 is a fairly common cost as these are “one off” procedures to assist in recovery from the disease, not a bottle of pills to (maybe) mitigate symptoms. Monthly costs of some drugs are $12k, factor in loss of income, loss of quality of life, etc it all adds up to $15k as a significant bargain over yealry costs of $60k, $80k and more.  Btw, here’s some other procedure costs – the average cost of gastric bypass surgery is $23,000…he average cost of heart bypass surgery is $70-200,000 and on.  And yes, stem cell procedures have a long history of safety and efficacy and should be covered by insurance.  Write your congressman and vote your medical needs.
STEM CELL SOURCE: They wanted to use “stem cells they already have”:
Nobody I know will use cells, basically a tiny handful of unrecognizable goo, taken from someone else, stored by someone else, shipped by someone else to treat someone else. It’s a recipe for disaster and too much can go wrong with accidents, bacteria, reduced bioavailability, etc. Their ONLY using the stem cells they have doesn’t scam you…it PROTECTS you.
LOCATION: “and go to Mexico for the procedure”:
Blame American Medical System resistance to stem cells for the past 15 years, followed by a focus on cyst and tumor causing embryonic stem cells, followed by political and pharma and money and so on. The world has been recovering many chronic and terminal diseases since 2000 which are still incurable in the US because our medical system has been ostensibly blind to the benefits of stem cells for over a decade.

Embryonic Stem Cell Banking: Fact, Fiction and Folly?

In BUSINESS OF STEM CELLS on September 2, 2009 at 11:34 am

The very latest development in the private stem cell storage industry is a US company offering the private storage of embryonic stem cells. This service is offered to people who have excess frozen human embryos stored in infertility clinics. Such embryos are thawed, embryonic stem cells extracted and the resultant cells re-frozen for possible later use by the clients.

On the face of it this might sound like a useful service but there are many objections to such a service including:

# Embryonic stem cells have no current clinical applications. There are no plans at all for clinical trials involving embryonic stem cells.

# The current technology for the derivation of embryonic stem cells will no doubt improve with time making derivation at this point in time potentially damaging

# Much more research is needed before there is any justification at all for such a service

# In the event that the clients need their frozen embryos (for example the death of a child) then this option will have been taken away from them and the creation of further new embryos might not be possible

# There are still many technical problems to be resolved not least the problem of cell stability and tumor formation by embryonic stem cells

# Current adult and cord blood stem cell technology is providing current therapy and clinical trials in regenerative medicine

via Stem Cell Banking: Fact, Fiction and Folly? | Pregnancy & Baby Care Newsletter.

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. :: NIH News Confirms Trend in Stem Cell ‘Storage’ Facilities, says CEO of San Diego-based Bio-Matrix Scientific Group

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NIH News Confirms Trend in Stem Cell ‘Storage’ Facilities, says CEO of San Diego-based Bio-Matrix Scientific Group

SAN DIEGO, March 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — David Koos, Chairman and CEO of San Diego-based Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. (OTCBulletinBoard: BMSN) announced today that the important discovery reported on Wednesday, March 25 by researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH; http://www.nih.gov), which has implications for Leukemia treatment and artificially culturing blood cells, validates a new direction for stem cell “storage” facilities that meet rigid state and federal regulatory requirements. The researchers deciphered a key sequence of events governing whether the stem cells that produce red and white blood cells remain anchored to the bone marrow, or migrate into the circulatory system – an important discovery that will advance understanding of how blood cells and immune cells are generated.

“The findings of NIH researchers have implications for culturing infection-fighting immune cells outside the body, where they could be temporarily held in storage during chemotherapy and other treatments which suppress the immune system. This discovery confirms a new trend for commercial stem cell storage facilities for research and treatment of diseases, and their important role in public and private stem cell research efforts now and into the future,” said Koos.

via Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. :: NIH News Confirms Trend in Stem Cell ‘Storage’ Facilities, says CEO of San Diego-based Bio-Matrix Scientific Group.

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