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Detroit shut off water to thousands of it’s residents and they want to raise water prices.

How does city government expect a populace to pay a 9% water price hike when unemployment is at 40% and foreclosures have skyrocketed?  And now you’ve shut off water.  Think about that people.  Water is the most important element to survive and it has been shut off.  Have you ever gone a day in the summer without anything to drink?  We’re going to need some Sally Struthers commercials over here soon.  Hey look, there’s a 60% chance of rain today, everyone outside with your buckets!  Of course, rainwater collection is now illegal in some places so they’re screwed.  The people and groups in Detroit are so fed up they are going to the UN for assistance.  Some are probably asking: how come America is involved all over the world with trillions in armed forces money while ‘Rome crumbles.’  Shouldn’t we make sure our military personnel has something to come home to when they are done with their service?  A house with sewage, electricity and running water for example?

Shouldn’t Detroit at some point be declared (have been declared?) a federal emergency area and have federal funds pumped in to resuscitate it?  Or is the intent to leave it to decay like an old gold mine ghost town after the gold rain out because bail outs are just what we do for big corps and foreign countries, not for our citizenry?  Come to think of it, if we pulled 1/10th of our military in foreign countries and the contractors and engineers which always follow to profit after the destruction of a regime, and put them to work rebuilding Detroit water we could prob get the job done in a week.  Come to think of it again, didn’t we bail out the auto industry located in Detroit?  So all that money went into the company which then pulled up stakes in the city which grew them and left the city behind like the dried out husk of a cocoon.  A quick search shows that Chrysler 300s are built in Canada and Ford Fusions and 300 engines are built in Mexico.  Buy American indeed.  We would if we could find any.  Maybe at the mom and pop on the corner…nope, gone, Walmart drove them out of business.

I think we are rapidly approaching a moment in history where the local govt on the one hand is saying, “you can’t grow farms or collect water or live off the grid” and on the other is saying, “we can’t fix or maintain the grid.”  So where does that leave Detroitians?  What conclusion can we take away when our ability to sustain ourselves is getting more and more limited and any hope of depending upon the government for sustenance/assistance (I’m talking about a city that functions on a basic level, not welfare or hand outs) is going the way of the dodo.

And you can bet I’m going to be drawing some serious analogies to shutting off the life sustaining water in Detroit and shutting the flow of healing adult stem cell therapies in the USA.  Hey, we want to live!  Are you getting this?  We want to live!

Groups Appeal to UN for ‘Humanity’ as Detroit Shuts Off Water to Thousands
‘By denying water service to thousands, Detroit is violating the human right to water.’
Sarah Lazare, staff writer
June 18, 2014

Wikimedia / CC

As thousands of people in Detroit go without water, and the city moves to cut off services to tens of thousands more, concerned organizations have taken the unusual step of appealing to the United Nations to intervene and protect the “human right to water.”…

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