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MILEY CYRUS (Hannah Montana) DEAD?!

In CELEBRITIES & STEM CELLS on November 12, 2009 at 11:10 pm

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You’ll be happy to know that these rumors are completely unsubstantiated… and while this has nothing to do with stem cells, my previous Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana post

‘Hannah Montana’ has “diabetes”on next show

generated such a following that I now have tons of people asking me if the rumors are true!  Rest easy Hannah fans!
Examiner.com — Nov 15, 2009 — 31 minutes ago
AP For Miley Cyrusdead” rumors it’s a party in the USA, as fans google in disbelief over alleged death of teen queen Cyrus getting pummeled by a truck and

‘Fan’ threatens to kill cat unless Miley Cyrus returns to Twitter

Washington Post (blog) — Oct 30, 2009 — Oct 30, 2009
Nicolas Cage’s father, August Coppola, dead at 75. Crime Watch: Another alleged stalker arrested near Georgia set of Miley Cyrus movie.
3 hours ago
It wouldn’t be a quality weekend without one fake celebrity death, and one of the golden oldies claiming Miley Cyrus is dead has resurfaced. The latest.
1 hour ago
Miley Cyrus dead? Is Miley Cyrus dead or is it another internet rumor? Miley Cyrus’s Twitter account is dead, as she deleted it. Find out if …
2 hours ago
Miley Cyrus dead? Is Miley Cyrus really dead, or is this just another Internet rumor? If Miley Cyrus is dead, her death would have to be tragic as she is young. Miley Cyrus is Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter and is best known as “Hannah
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