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 For Best Results: Increase Gut Bacteria


“A healthy and balanced diet, as well as probiotics, have been known to be helpful in preserving gastrointestinal health for quite a long time. But it is only recently that the underlying mechanisms have become somewhat clearer. A rapidly increasing body of knowledge promises to further clarify the effects of our daily food on the gut microbiota and to indicate more targeted applications of probiotics in the near future. This was one of the topics presented at the Gut Microbiota for Health World Summit in Miami, FL, USA. On March 8-9, 2014, internationally leading experts discussed the latest advances in gut microbiota research and its impact on health.”  –‘Feeding gut microbiota: Nutrition, probiotics key factors for digestive health.’ ScienceDaily

We’ve all heard of probiotics and their dietary benefits. Now let’s use that knowledge and put it to good use when it comes to stem cell transplantation. According to the article we posted earlier, increased gut microbiota can increase the success and survival rate of patients post transplant. Now here’s the big question… ‘how do we increase these helpful suckers early and get them working ASAP?!’ Well, you probably guessed it–  eating foods rich in probiotics (such as yogurt)  is one way to do this! Click the links and find out why you should be feeding the little helpers alive in your gut and how to increase their diversity– and increase your chances of success!!


Other benefits of increased gut microbiota and why that’s good

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Gut Bacteria= Stronger Stem Cell Response

“The diversity of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract of patients receiving stem cell transplants may be an important predictor of their post-transplant survival, researchers report. Researchers found a strong connection between post-transplant gut microbiota diversity and outcomes, observing overall survival rates of 36 percent, 60 percent, and 67 percent among the low, intermediate, and high diversity groups, respectively.” – ‘Gut bacteria predict survival after stem cell transplant, study shows.’ ScienceDaily

I always believed it, now there’s proof!

WHY? Maybe because…
Stem cells are a natural healing system in the body that regenerate dead and damaged tissue and create new tissue– they require nutrients to do so. Gut bacteria helps digest food and derive nutrients for the entire body. More gut bacteria means a stronger immune system which means a greater ability to fight infection; more nutrients available for use as building blocks, to repair nutrients, etc. This results in increased potential benefits from stem cell therapy.


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