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Maine Town Becomes First in US to Declare Food Sovereignty | Sustainable Cities Collective

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Town secedes from governmental food control!  They can now produce, sell, consume whatever they want!  No GM foods or raw food restrictions, etc.  This is a great step towards people taking control of what they can eat and therefor, their own health.

“This four page ordinance, which can be read in its entirety here , is revolutionary in that it relies on the consumer to educate themselves on the risk of consuming products (such as raw milks, cheeses, meats and vegetables), and shifts the power away from regulation, which prevents people from eating food of their choosing.”

The conspiracy minded will say: Let’s hope “evil forces” don’t  go in and start e-coli epidemics there to “prove” people can’t be in control of their own health without dire consequences!

Indeed! -dg


Maine Town Becomes First in US to Declare Food Sovereignty | Sustainable Cities Collective.

Mayo Clinic + stem cell biotech

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Kiger’s Notebook – By Jeff Kiger, Post-Bulletin business columnist

September 01, 2009

Mayo Clinic-linked stem cell biotech = “Tremendous potential”

I’ve written about Cardio3, a Belgium biotech that is using Mayo Clinic research as part of its stem cell-based cardiac treatment, a few times before here and here.Today the company kicked out a release about its presentation at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Here a little from the release:


A unique second generation stem-cell derived therapy, C-Cure allows the differentiation of a patient’s own cells into ‘cardiopoietic’ cells which grow into new heart cells and repair heart muscle. C-Cure is currently undergoing a randomized, multi-center pivotal trial, designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy beyond optimal clinical care in patients with heart failure…

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I think the most stunning, positive news of the month is the work from the Mayo Clinic on stem cells and the heart. A few years ago I travelled to Thailand to visit with the King of Thailand’s cardiologist, Prof Supachai. Prof Supachai had developed a strong interest in adult stem cell therapy for heart disease. He was taking 200ml of blood from a person with severe heart failure and harvesting around 200,000 of the person’s own stem cells, growing the stem cells in a laboratory up to 20 million over a week and then reinjecting the stem cells into the damaged parts usually via a catheter directly down the arteries. I saw some amazing results with people who had severe impairment in their heart regaining reasonable function to allow them to return to relatively normal activity. The heart was not totally rebuilt but certainly much better than it was previously.

These types of results are being obtained all over the world and it is my strong feeling that adult stem cell therapy will be the next big revolution in medicine.

I am not a great fan of embryonic stem cell therapy, in the same way I am not a great fan of reproductive cloning, as I believe you cannot expect embryonic cells to behave like adult cells and I feel we will see some significant problems down the track if we start pushing this line. I have no problem with the ethics of it whatsoever, it is purely the science that I find rather questionable.

Now let’s return to the more valid concept of enhancing your own blood using adult stem cell therapy. The researchers from the Mayo Clinic (again we’re picking on the poor old mice this week) took a group of mice with damaged hearts and took their own cells, known as fibroblasts which are usually part of the connective tissue or seen in scars, and used a process called dedifferentiation. This is where the fibroblasts are converted back to stem cells. They then were able to give these particular stem cells growth factors that sent them along the pathway of becoming heart tissue. They reinjected these cells back into the mice and within a few weeks the mice were developing functioning cardiac tissue.

Once this technique is perfected for humanity, we will see many people salvaged from not just heart disease but also many other conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and spinal cord damage.

I am on the Scientific Advisory Board for an international company known as Zoa Cell and this company is embarking on a large study in diabetes using adult stem cell therapy. Again, taking one’s own stem cells, it will be possible to give growth factors to convert these into pancreatic tissue making insulin. Can you image the suffering that will be alleviated if all of these therapies become freely available.

Thank you for helping me help you.

Kind regards,
Dr Ross G T Walker (FRACP)
Consultant Cardiologist


THE US IS #1! -Another STEM CELL first for the US!

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patriotic-poster - usa uncle sam

THE US IS #1! -Another first for the US!

The article below is entitled:

“The Leader in Stem Cell Research? The US.”

What a bunch of   *$&#X%!  We are only the leader in “consumption of embryonic stem cells used for research”.  We are in fact about 8 years behind most of the developed world in stem cell research.  What else are we #1 in?

#1 consumer of the stem cells that have shown the least potential for treatment (embryonic)!

#1 consumer of environmentally damaging and war causing oil!

#1 consumer of cocaine (shipped from Colombia through Mexico and the Caribbean), Colombian heroin, and Mexican heroin and marijuana!

What do you say we load up my SUV with cocaine and heroin, have a slammin party, OD on drugs and die young!  We might as well cause embryonic stem cells won’t produce cures for diseases anytime soon!

If only we could afford it.  Our country’s bank account is $-568,800,000,000 ranking us 188th in the world.  Not to worry, we still have a good chance of dying before needing stem cells.  The WHO ranks our health system at 37th, our life expectancy is 30th in the world, infant mortality is 34th in the world and this is all with our Health Expenditures as a % of GDP being almost the highest in the world (we are ranked #2).   Now that’s money well spent.

And we’ll all probably be shot soon anyway.  We are ranked 78th in intentional homicides (and in this category, #1 is good).

HOORAY FOR THE U.S.A.! What’s not to love? – dg


The Leader in (EMBRYONIC) Stem Cell Research? The US.

Which country gets the most embryonic stem cells for research?

The US.

The graph below comes from our research at Stanford (with my collaborators at Mayo Clinic and the University of Michigan), featured on the cover of the March issue of the journal Cell Stem Cell. We examined the world’s largest stem cell banks, in Wisconsin and at Harvard University. Twice as many shipments go to US researchers compared to rest of the world. The worldwide demand by scientists for embryonic stem cells is very strong. Way, way stronger than for credit default swap derivatives.

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