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In construction parlance… If the stem cells are the little workers with their little construction belts on ready to fix and repair, don’t they need a Foreman or General Contractor to tell them what to do? Which cells are they? Just Curious. – Ken

good question Ken!

in cell phone parlance:
do you have a smart phone? it is able to do things that the dumb phones can’t. stem cells are smart cells, not dumb cells. they are the best workers ever because they are motivated, self-actualizing, dedicated, intelligent and have no ego.in military parlance:they are marines! throw them into the fiercest battle where the worst damage is and they will adapt, improvise, overcome and leave no organ behind!

in business parlance:

they go where your body is damaged and fix things (repair necrotic or dead tissue and create new tissue). they don’t mind healing the pancreas even if their job description is to fix the heart. they will build tiny capillaries at the site of your shunt where you had plaque build up, angioplasty and a shunt installed even if it is working well (they know it is a high potential risk/breakdown area). these are essentially mini, bypasses and they may create dozens of them at a time. meaning, they fix problem areas and create backup fixes even if it ain’t broke at the moment, cause they are better at it than any surgeon or surgical technique available and they know in time all artificial solutions will fail.

in naval parlance:

they have no self-preservation/survival instinct. they are all captains and think nothing of manning the helm while the ship goes down because they are in it for the good of the entire body and know that their sacrifice may be the difference between the body’s survival or death.

in kitchen/sports parlance:

too many cooks spoil the stew, right? wrong! stem cells are brilliant at working together. they have no egos. they are just as happy dunking the ball OR throwing the ‘alley oop’ OR wiping down the floor after the game. look closely at the words: “stem cell.” do you see it? There is no “I” in stem cell! but there is a ‘T’ an ‘E’ an ‘A’ and an ‘M’!

we don’t yet know how they KNOW how do the things they do, all we know is that it is their job, they are very good at it and they will not rest until the job is done. no defeat, no surrender!

First Ever Multicellular Animals Found In Oxygen-Free Environment | Popular Science

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First Ever Multicellular Animals Found In Oxygen-Free Environment

Unnamed Loriciferan:   via Nature

By Stuart Fox Posted 04.06.2010 at 5:30 pm

In the 236 years since oxygen was identified as a life-giving necessity, no scientist anywhere has discovered a multicellular animal capable of living without the stuff. Until now. Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Marche in Ancona, Italy, have discovered three new species that live their entire life in an anoxic pit beneath the Mediterranean Sea. This discovery drastically revises science’s understand of where animals can thrive.Prior to this discovery, the only organisms capable of life in oxygen-free environments were viruses and bacteria.

via First Ever Multicellular Animals Found In Oxygen-Free Environment | Popular Science.

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