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Men Replaced: Killing Spiders Not Enough

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Researchers to build artificial testicles for infertile men
San Francisco – Researchers in California are working to build an artificial testicle, a human “sperm-making biological machine,” that can produce human sperm and allow otherwise infertile men to make babies.
According to My Health News Daily, Dr. Paul Turek, director of the Turek Clinic, a men’s health medical practice in San Francisco, says that recent advances show that the idea of treating infertility in male animals by producing sperm using stem cells is feasible. While this has been done successfully in mice, it has not been done in humans.
Turek recently announced on his Turek on Men’s Health site that he has received a government grant to develop a human “sperm-making biological machine.” According to My Health News Daily, Turek and his colleague, Dr. Constance John, chief executive of MandalMed Inc., a biotech company in San Francisco, received a small research grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
Turek says the new “machine” will not be designed to resemble a testicle like non-sperm-producing prosthesis that are saline-filled implant for men who don’t have testicles. Rather, the sperm producing machine will come as a cylindrical bag a few inches in length and will look “like a transparent, over-sized Tootsie Roll.”
Turek on Men’s Health explains: “To be clear, this grant is not about creating a testicular implant for a man who is missing a real one. We did that a decade or so ago. This award is to develop a sperm making biological machine…We now have a couple of years to create human artificial sperm in a dish, or more formally, a ‘bioreactor,’ a fancy dish to be sure.” …

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Can Stem Cells Produce More Sperm

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Stem cell injection for infertile men

An injection of stem cells could be a new treatment for male infertility. Research suggests that as many as one in three men has problems producing sperm.

In the trial, due to start this month in Jordan, bone marrow cells will be taken from men aged 20 to 50 and added to a solution similar to that found in the testes.

The mixture will then be injected into and around the tubes in the testes where sperm cells develop. The idea is that the stem cells will convert into those that help make sperm. Initial laboratory tests have found this to be the case.

Doctors will monitor the amount of sperm in semen samples taken over the following six months, and will also look at pregnancy rates after around one year.

via Health news: New schizophrenia drug, help for diabetics and stem cell injections for infertile men | Mail Online.

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