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STEM CELL VICTORIES – Dilated Cardio-Myopathy




Leonard Narracci – Dilated Cardio-Myopathy

My name is Leonard Narracci, and I live in Venice, Florida. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Dilated Cardio-Myopathy. I was always tired, listless, and completely lethargic. I underwent all the traditional cardiac testing, and the bottom line was that I would be on medication, Toprol and Atacand, Ace inhibitors and Beta Blockers, to maintain the status quo, but there was little hope of improving my cardiac condition.

Discovering Dr. Zannos Grekos

After 3 years of living like this, I told my wife that I could not continue to live like this, but that I had to search for a more viable option. I began my research to find a “better way”. I found Regenocyte and Dr. Zannos Grekos, right here in my backyard in Bonita Springs, Florida. I researched his Stem Cell Therapy treatment intensely. Then, I attended a seminar of his, which confirmed the action that I had to take to repair my heart. I made an appointment with him and underwent all the necessary testing to determine if I was a viable candidate. Fortunately, I was! I expressed the desire to have the treatment, and his office set everything in motion.

Treatment Abstract

The entire Regenocyte experience was nothing short of perfection, beginning with his very capable and competent assistant, Nancy Trombino. Nancy made all the necessary arrangements and reservations and provided me with an itinerary that explicitly told me where and when I had to be all at times during the treatment. I had 8 ounces of blood drawn, and a courier was waiting to transport the blood to Miami Airport to be flown to a bio-tech lab in Israel. My stem cells were extracted, genetically engineered for heart repair, and then replicated to 143,000,000 stem cells.

Experience as a patient

On October 7, 2008, my wife, my friend, and I left Miami Airport for the Dominican Republic. As soon as we deplaned, we were met by two Regenocyte agents, who were wonderful. They transported us to the Marriott Hotel, which was charming and very comfortable. The staff there made every effort to provide us with all that we needed. The Regenocyte agents catered to our every want and need, even providing me with a cell phone. All I had to do was press a single number and I could make contact with an agent at any time of the day or night.

Treatment Procedure

On October 8th. Dr. Grekos had also flown in to the Dominican republic to perform the procedure. The agent took us to the hospital where I was prepped for the procedure and then taken to the Catheterization Lab for the procedure. The procedure takes between an hour and an hour and a half. The procedure consisted of 2 parts. In the first, my arteries in my heart were each shut off for 3 minutes, while the stem cells were infused. In the second part, the stem cells were directly injected into the diseased walls of my heart.

Treatment Experience

I felt absolutely nothing, and was totally fascinated watching the entire procedure on the monitor. During the entire treatment, Dr. Grekos would check on me, and tell me that everything was proceeding perfectly.Upon completion of the treatment, I was taken to an ICU room to be monitored overnight.

Post treatment

The next morning, October 9th., I was discharged, and the agents took me back to the hotel to relax for the rest of the day, per Dr. Grekos’ orders. The next morning, October 10th. The Regenocyte agents took us to the airport, and before we knew it, we were back in Miami, and my wife and I were on our way back home to Venice, Florida. For the next few days, I just took it easy and rested.

7 Days Later -Improvement

Exactly 7 days after the treatment I was feeling a renewed engergy and sense of well-being that I had not experienced in three years.

2 Weeks Later -Ejection Fraction up from 20 to 28

Two weeks after the treatment, I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Grekos. He was much more than pleased with the results he found. He did an Echogram, and the results were nothing short of remarkable. After only two weeks he found that my heart apex was normal, my heart had decreased in size and my ejection fraction had risen from 20 to 28. On November 25th.

7 Weeks Later – Ejection Fraction up from 28 – 33

I went back to Doctor Grekos’ office for more testing, 7 weeks after treatment. The Echogram showed the walls of my heart thickening, indicating that the stem cells were regenerating healthy heart muscle that previously was non-functional and not contracting. It was now contracting strongly, evidenced by the fact that my ejection fraction was now up to 33. I guess these results say it all, and I am looking forward to the progression of these results over the next several months.

3 Months Later – Ejection Fraction up from 33 – 45

The middle of January, I will have more heart tests for the 3 month follow-up and then again at 6 months and at 9 months. January 23rd. I had my important 3 month follow-up appointment with Dr. Grekos. The week before, I had the testing: EKG, ICG, Nuclear Stress Test, and Muga Scan. The tests revealed that the dimensions of my enlarged heart had decreased and that my Ejection Fraction had now increased from 33 to 45. This is especially significant in light of the fact that I am only 10 points away from 55 which is a normal Ejection Fraction.

My Opinion of Dr Grekkos

Other than Dr. Grekos, there is no other invasive cardiologist in the world who has done more to advance and effectively apply the principles of Adult Stem Cell Therapy. Even the typically sceptical medical community is beginning to acknowlege the efficacy of the treatment and the expertise of Dr. Grekos. I cannot help but show my enthusiasm for a procedure and a doctor who has given back to me a quality of life that I never thought I would see again.

My hope and prayer

My hope and prayer is that the medical community and the FDA will very soon come to the realization of the significance of this treatment and provide the necessary approval, so that patients do not have to continue to go out of the country.


Russians, snake oil and real treatment centers

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Flag of Russia

Flag of Russia

You may have seen in the news that a boy in Russia received injections of EMBRYONIC stem cells and developed tumors.  No surprise there.  He then went to Israel for proper treatment.  Today, I read a blog post that was a reaction to that with a blanket statement slamming the Russians for their ignorance and all stem cell treatment centers around the world, outside of the US,  for being irresponsible snake oil salesmen.

Here is my response:

Be careful with your blanket statements.  Adult stem cell treatments are showing great success all over the world.  No doubt, this specific case is a tragedy but the fact that fetal/embryonic stem cells can become tumorous has been common knowledge for almost a decade.  There are many treatment centers around the world that are successfully treating patients.  In todays news…


“Florida based Regenocyte Therapeutic (with treatment center in Dominican Republic) is using stem cells extracted from patients’ blood to repair damaged heart muscle, regenerate tissue, and create new vessels to improve circulation.  According to the organization’s director of Cardiology and Vascular Disease, Zannos G. Grekos, M.D., by applying specific growth factors to the patient’s stem cells (in a lab) the team creates a new cell population which is educated to target the area of damage or deficiency when placed into the patient’s heart and blood vessels. “We’ve now treated close to 100 patients with their own stem cells and seen an average 22 point increase in ejection fraction (EF) with a significant improvement in heart failure classification – typically from a Class IV to a Class II status in less than 180 days,” Grekos states.

The treatment study, the first six months of which was published December 2008 in Anti-Aging Medical News, follows patients through one year post-treatment with autologous adult stem cells, also called Angiogenic Cardio-Regenerative Progenitor cells (ACP’s).  Regenocyte’s chief medical advisor Athina Kyritsis, M.D. announced that, “Across the board, no adverse effects from treatment were reported by patients and function plus quality of life measurably improved.” Grekos and his team measured patients’ heart function by cardiac nuclear scans, PET scans, and echocardiographs.”

I know what the blogger will say.  Grekos is American trained and uses American protocols so he is the exception to the rule.  I disagree.  Grekos is brilliant and well trained no doubt but there are adult stem cell treatment centers successfully treating MS, spinal cord injury and optic disorders…in China they have treated thousands with Adult stem cells for neurological disorders like Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, in Thailand they have been treating heart disease for over half a decade, an article in the past week declared a 60% success rate for treating Spinal Cord Injuries in the so called third world country of Iran and I don’t doubt it’s true because Dr Lima of Portugal has 16 former paraplegics who are now walking with a walker after autologous adult stem cell treatments and intensive physical therapy.

Adult stem cells all over the world are reducing symptoms, improving quality of life and healing thousands while the US is locked in an argument about FDA regulations and the ethics of embryonic stem cells while top embryonic scientists (including the “father of embryonic stem cell research”, James Thomson, MD) admit that embryonic stem cell research will not produce any treatments for 10-50 years.

A blanket statement slamming ALL treatment centers around the world as snake oil salesmen will deprive millions of American patients of potentially life extending and saving treatments.  There are over 100 diseases (backed up by peer reviewed and journal publications) being treated successfully around the world.  You can find them and the treatment centers for them here:  http://repairstemcells.org/DiseaseTreated.php These are only treatment centers that meet the rigorous standards of the Repair Stem Cell Institute – http://repairstemcells.org/RepairStemCellStandards.php

Check them out.  When it is your loved one who has a debilitating or deadly disease and is told by their doctor that there is nothing more he can do, you will be glad you did.

David Granovsky
The Stem Cell Blog

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