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Heart Muscle Health Aspects | VesCell adult stem cell therapy

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Heart Muscle Health Aspects You Should Consider

Stunned or Dying Tissue can be Rejuvenated by Adult Stem Cells Injected in the Patient’s Heart

Heart muscle health aspect from James Eilert story

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James Eilert, a young man, who was a victim of the heart disease epidemic that is increasingly taking hold around the world, has been given a second chance at a healthy life thanks to VesCell adult stem cell therapy.

In 2006, at the relatively young age of 34, James experienced a major heart attack. His left anterior descending artery (or what the doctors call the ‘widowmaker’) was 100% blocked. The heart attack left him with severe damage to his heart. A normal ejection fraction is generally considered to be 55-75%. At the tender age of 34, James’ ejection fraction had sunk to 20-25%. The doctors diagnosed him as being in Class III NYHA Heart Failure.

He didn’t want to die, but figured dying would be a better option than living as he was. That was when James stumbled upon VesCell on the internet. Already a patient at the world renowned Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute in Detroit, James was shocked to find out that Dr. Barbara Czerska, the Medical Director of the Heart Failure Transplant Program at Henry Ford was featured prominently on the VesCell website. That, along with reading that recent medical research indicates that dead heart tissue can be ‘awakened’ by the implantation of adult stem cells gave James new hope.

He contacted VesCell and Dr. Czerska and prepared for his trip to Bangkok, Thailand to receive a new shot of hope using his own adult stem cells.

After arrival in Bangkok, James along with his father, were well taken care of by the TheraVitae team and the doctors and nurses at Phyathai 2 Hospital. James was treated by Dr. Damras Tresukosol, the director of the Phyathai-Harvard Heart Center and also the lead investigator of TheraVitae’s clinical trial using adult stem cells which was presented at the American Heart Association annual meeting in 2006.

Treated on November 14, 2007, James received 41 million of his own adult stem cells via catheter to heal his damaged heart muscle.

Told by doctors that the stem cells would take approximately 6-8 weeks to take affect, James was pleasantly surprised that the doctors were mistaken – just 1½ weeks after his stem cell treatment,

James had an echocardiogram done and found out his previously dead part of his heart had life again….

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  • This is a map Tracking all of the Confirmed H1N1 Swine Flu Cases


This does not factor in the avian (bird) flu cases.  Swine flu is a new strain of bird flu that is transmitted respiratorially from pig to people, people to pig and people to people.


Pink markers are suspected cases.
Purple markers are confirmed cases.
Deaths lack a dot in marker.

CORRECTION Mexico Swine Flu

Mexico Swine Flu - military personnel hands out masks


Mexico - workers line up with masks on


Vet tests pigs for swine flu



  • March 24, 1976: Ford Orders Swine-Flu Shots for All

By Tony Long Email 03.24.08 October 12, 1976: Nurse Jacqueline Spaky administers a swine-flu injection with an injector gun on the first day of the immunization program in New York City.
Photo courtesy Bettman/Corbis

1976: President Gerald Ford orders a nationwide vaccination program to prevent a swine-flu epidemic.

Ford was acting on the advice of medical experts, who believed they were dealing with a virus potentially as deadly as the one that caused the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic.

The virus surfaced in February at Fort Dix, New Jersey, where 19-year-old Pvt. David Lewis told his drill instructor that he felt tired and weak, although not sick enough to skip a training hike. Lewis was dead with 24 hours.

The autopsy revealed that Lewis had been killed by “swine flu,” an influenza virus originating in pigs. By then several other soldiers had been hospitalized with symptoms. Government doctors became alarmed when they discovered that at least 500 soldiers on the base were infected without becoming ill…


Dustin Hoffman Advocates Stem Cell Research – DrDonnica.com – The First Name in Women’s Health

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Dustin Hoffman Advocates Stem Cell Research

By John Morgan, Spotlight Health

With medical adviser Stephen A. Shoop, M.D.

Dustin Hoffman’s roles in Kramer vs. Kramer, Tootsie and Rain Man, challenged our perceptions of what it is to be a parent, a man and a brother. Now Hoffman is using that same sense of humanity to appeal to California voters to support stem cell research.

via Dustin Hoffman Advocates Stem Cell Research – DrDonnica.com – The First Name in Women’s Health.

Dustin Hoffman says patients with Type 1 diabetes will benefit from stem cell research.

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