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Maine Town Becomes First in US to Declare Food Sovereignty | Sustainable Cities Collective

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Town secedes from governmental food control!  They can now produce, sell, consume whatever they want!  No GM foods or raw food restrictions, etc.  This is a great step towards people taking control of what they can eat and therefor, their own health.

“This four page ordinance, which can be read in its entirety here , is revolutionary in that it relies on the consumer to educate themselves on the risk of consuming products (such as raw milks, cheeses, meats and vegetables), and shifts the power away from regulation, which prevents people from eating food of their choosing.”

The conspiracy minded will say: Let’s hope “evil forces” don’t  go in and start e-coli epidemics there to “prove” people can’t be in control of their own health without dire consequences!

Indeed! -dg


Maine Town Becomes First in US to Declare Food Sovereignty | Sustainable Cities Collective.


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Eating certain foods may cut off the blood supply to tumors forming and existing in your body

by David Granovsky on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 9:19pm


This video ties together many of my beliefs. Here is a simple summation of the 18 minute video for educational purposes:

We know that not eating certain foods will reduce incidence of cancer but did you know that eating certain foods will reduce the incidence, growth and severity of cancer?

You can in fact eat foods that will turn on a response in your body to fight many diseases. In this case, the foods you eat actively starve and destroy the blood vessels feeding the tumors, thereby starving the tumor of nutrients and oxygen and thereby destroying the tumor. Blood vessel growth is angiogenesis, blood vessel starvation is called anti-angiogenesis.

Foods that promote anti-angiogenesis should be purchased from local, organic growers (less shipping, more ripe, less pesticides, etc) and the more of them you eat, the more effect they are.

In most cases, the foods should be eaten in the most raw and unrefined state you can get them except tomatoes which seem to be more effective when cooked. 79,000 men were studied and those that ate tomatoes 2-3x per week had 40-50% less incidence of prostate cancer.

The veggies can be juiced so you can consume more of the nutrients and less of the fiber. I can drink 2 heads of celery and 3 bunches of parsley a day when juiced…but if I tried to eat that in a raw salad form I would be bound up for a week.

AND, the more anti-angiogenisis foods you eat, the a huge side benefit is getting thinner. Obesity and cancer are directly related. Reduce the abnormal blood vessel growth associated with cancer and you will reduce the blood vessel growth in your fat (and vice versa) and you get thinner and healthier. This is seen in the book The Okinawa Diet that showed that the less obese you are the less cancer incidence.

For more detailed info:



FDA Warns about Increased Risk of Muscle Injury with Zocor

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For Immediate Release: March 19, 2010

Media Inquiries: Elaine Gansz Bobo, 301-796-7567; elaine.bobo@fda.hhs.gov

Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

FDA Warns about Increased Risk of Muscle Injury with Zocor

Highest approved dose of cholesterol-lowering medication could cause harm to muscles

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today warned patients and healthcare providers about the potential for increased risk of muscle injury from the cholesterol-lowering medication Zocor (simvastatin) 80 mg. Although muscle injury (called myopathy) is a known side effect with all statins, today’s warning highlights the greater risk of developing muscle injury, including rhabdomyolysis, for patients when they are prescribed and use higher doses of this drug. Rhabdomyolysis is the most serious form of myopathy and can lead to severe kidney damage, kidney failure, and sometimes death.

“Review of simvastatin is part of an ongoing FDA effort to evaluate the risk of statin-associated muscle injury and to provide that information to the public as it becomes available,” said Eric Colman, M.D., Deputy Director of FDA’s Division of Metabolism and Endocrinology Products (DMEP). “It’s important for patients and healthcare professionals to consider all the potential risks and known benefits of any drug before deciding on any one therapy or dose of therapy.”

Simvastatin is sold as a single-ingredient generic medication and as the brand-name Zocor. It also is sold in combination with ezetimibe as Vytorin, and in combination with niacin as Simcor.

FDA’s review of new information on the risk of muscle injury is derived from clinical trials, observational studies, adverse event reports, and prescription use data. The agency also is reviewing data from the SEARCH (Study of the Effectiveness of Additional Reductions in Cholesterol and Homocysteine) trial, which evaluated major cardiovascular events, such as heart attack, revascularization and cardiovascular death, in patients taking 80 mg compared to 20 mg of simvastatin. SEARCH also included data on muscle injury in patients taking simvastatin…

via FDA Warns about Increased Risk of Muscle Injury with Zocor.

FDA, FTC Warn Public Of Fraudulent 2009 H1N1 Influenza Products

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Please,please wait until the FDA has evaluated these new products and deemed them perfectly healthy…like some of the other products they’ve approved…Raptiva, Vioxx, cigarettes, Swine flu vaccines from the 1970’s, etc.


Google “FDA” and “scam” and you will get 1.2 million hits.  Do you think they are all conspiracy nuts?  How about Dr. David Graham (senior drug safety researcher at the FDA) who blew the whistle on the Vioxx debacle.

Go Google the words “graham vioxx interview” and you will get 41,000 hits.  Here’s a small sample of the greatest hits parade:

The FDA’s suppression and intimidation of scientists is a threat to public health. Unless it changes, and scientists can speak without fear, they cannot defend the public,” he said.

“I would argue that the FDA as currently configured is incapable of protecting America against another Vioxx. Simply put, FDA and the Center for Drug Evaluation Research (CDER) are broken.” November 23, 2004 PBS Online News Hour Program

the corruption and crimes that take place every day inside the Food and Drug Administration.”


Let he who is without sin, throw the first stone...FDA, heal thyself...those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...

FDA, FTC Warn Public Of Fraudulent 2009 H1N1 Influenza Products

ScienceDaily (May 2, 2009) — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission are alerting the public to be wary of Internet sites and other promotions for products that claim to diagnose, prevent, mitigate, treat or cure the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus. The agencies are also advising operators of offending web sites that they must take prompt action to correct and/or remove promotions of these fraudulent products or face enforcement action.

“Consumers who purchase products to treat the novel 2009 H1N1 virus that are not approved, cleared or authorized by the FDA for the treatment or prevention of influenza risk their health and the health of their families,” said Michael Chappell, acting FDA Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs.

“In conjunction with the Federal Trade Commission, the FDA has developed an aggressive strategy to identify, investigate, and take regulatory or criminal action against individuals or businesses that wrongfully promote purported 2009 H1N1 influenza products in an attempt to take advantage of the current flu public health emergency.”

Products that are offered for sale to the public with claims to diagnose, prevent, mitigate, treat, or cure infections caused by the H1N1 influenza virus that have not been proven to be safe and effective for these uses must be carefully evaluated.

via FDA, FTC Warn Public Of Fraudulent 2009 H1N1 Influenza Products.

FDA Part 4 – Revamped FDA may spell end to healthy, chemical free, non-genetically modified food?

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Obama actually just had to ban the use of ill “downer” livestock in food production.  Well that’s great and definitely a step in the right direction…can you believe that it’s 2009 and prior to his ban the gov’t and food industry thought it was ok to eat food made from diseased animals?!?!

And now there are going to be big changes within the FDA.  Rest assured, no other organization needs it more…i just hope this isn’t the death knell for safe, healthy, organic food and the government backed call to arms for genetically modified, chemically treated foods in “the interest of safety”.  My expectations are pretty low by now…”just last (month) the U.S. Food and Drug Administration praised genetically modified animals. And will NOT require meat from GM animals to be labeled for consumers. ” – http://www.diseaseproof.com/archives/hurtful-food-united-states-set-to-block-genetically-modified-food.html – dg

Groups urge FDA changes to boost U.S. food safety

By Julie Steenhuysen

CHICAGO (Reuters) – The Obama administration should appoint a senior food safety official within the Food and Drug Administration as a first step toward safeguarding the U.S. food supply, two advocacy groups said on Wednesday.

The responsibility for food safety currently is divided up among federal agencies including the FDA and U.S. Department of Agriculture, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention monitoring disease outbreaks.

A report by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation urged the appointment of a senior FDA official to take charge of food safety as an interim step toward fixing the much-criticized U.S. food safety system.

The groups said in the long run, the government needs a new agency within the Department of Health and Human Services whose sole task is regulating the food supply.

“Our food safety system is plagued with problems and is leading to millions of Americans becoming severely sick each year,” Jeff Levi, executive director of the Trust for America’s Health, told reporters during a conference call.

An outbreak of salmonella in peanut products has further shaken confidence in the safety of the U.S. food supply. It has sickened nearly 700 people, has been linked to nine deaths and has forced the largest food recall in U.S. history.

President Barack Obama on March 14 chose Dr. Margaret Hamburg to run the FDA and also announced a Cabinet-level group that will provide advice on how to improve food safety.


“I believe the first priority should be to repair what is wrong at FDA,” Michael Taylor of George Washington University, who has worked in food safety posts at both the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, told reporters.

“The FDA has jurisdiction over 80 percent of the food supply, including virtually all imports. Recent nationwide outbreaks involving salmonella-tainted produce and peanuts expose really critical shortcomings at FDA and CDC with respect to both prevention and response to foodborne outbreaks,” added Taylor, who provided advice for the report.

Taylor said the FDA has three critical weaknesses:

* obsolete statutes that focus on reacting to problems instead of preventing them;

* inadequate resources that have resulted in “serious gaps in standard-setting and a weak enforcement program”;

* and a fragmented structure that impedes management.

While ultimately the FDA commissioner has the power to guide food safety, he said the focus at FDA traditionally has been on medications. “There is no FDA official whose full-time job is food safety,” Taylor said.  Continued…

FDA Part3: What does the FDA do?

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Alright, someone tell me what the FDA does.

  • You get growth hormones in practically all fruits and vegetables and meats.
  • You get pesticides in nearly all fruit juices.
  • You got high counts of mercury in fish.
  • You have a food pyramid that is completely wrong.
  • The most unhealthy foods and snacks in schools.
  • You get a combination of growth hormones, bacteria, and who knows what else in milk.
  • The worlds largest fast food chains are using diseased/sick cows and chickens.
  • You got pharmaceutical companies working on products that cure symptoms and not the actually cause.
  • And on top of that, those drugs are being recalled! You got major drugs like Vioxx being recalled. So backward movement in the drugs to cure the diseases.
  • At one point widespread cigerettes and alcohol addiction could have been stopped. Wiped out, before you ever knew it existed. Now it’s allowed to be sold with a warning that it may essentially kill you. What are they saying really.
  • Well for one, if they are allowing it to be sold, it’s “FDA Approved”. So essentially anything FDA approved is a joke. It may kill you.

I’m starting to think the healthcare crisis we’re seeing around the world is primarily due to very poor regulation of food and drugs and we will have to pay for all their errors down the line in taxes through a social security and humanitarian initiative.

Maybe they are saying we are in a famine type situation. We don’t have enough food to feed our country. We are in a food shortage crisis. Rather than continue pumping out quality foods and make our country healthy, lets allow farmers and companies to pump out whatever they can by whatever methods they can and cover it up.

In a lot of religous texts they say in the end time, there will be widespread famine. My question is, with all the scientific break throughs in food modification, will we notice? Or will it be covered up by the FDA?

If foods were natural, healthier, cleaner, would we be in a shortage? How much would this food cost? Are natural/organic foods very expensive now because their is a shortage? Or because nobody produces them anymore?

If you were the President and had access to this information, the information of what’s really going on, what would you do? Perhaps you’d move out to the middle of nowhere like Crawford Texas and live on a ranch and have your own water filtration system. Oh wait, he does that now!

I think It’s time we start considering this as a group.

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