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Faulty French Fake Boob Boss Freed

In ALL ARTICLES on January 27, 2012 at 11:13 am
An undated police mugshot photo shows Jean-Claude Mas, the founder of the French Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) company, displayed on the ''red notice'' posted by Interpol on its website. REUTERS/InterpolFrench implant boss released, faces bodily harm charge
MARSEILLE, France (Reuters) – Jean-Claude Mas, the Frenchman who sparked a global health scare by selling substandard breast implants, was released from police custody on Friday and faces a charge of causing bodily harm, his lawyer said. | Full Article
China cadmium spill threatens drinking water for millions
January 27, 2012 04:45 AM ET
BEIJING (Reuters) – A cancer-causing cadmium discharge from a mining company has polluted a long stretch of two rivers in southern China, and officials warned some 3.7 million people of Liuzhou in the Guangxi region to avoid drinking water from the river, state media reported on Friday. | Full Article
Rivals see no need to match Roche’s big gene bet
January 27, 2012 09:08 AM ET
DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) – Roche Holding AG’s rivals Sanofi SA and Novartis AG see no need to match the Swiss drug maker in buying a gene-decoding business like Illumina Inc and reckon they can do partnerships instead. | Full Article
Bill Gates injects $750 million into troubled AIDS fund
January 26, 2012 03:31 PM ET
DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) – Microsoft chairman and philanthropist Bill Gates pledged a further $750 million to the troubled global AIDS fund on Thursday and urged governments to continue their support to save lives. | Full Article
James Murdoch to quit GSK board
January 27, 2012 07:56 AM ET
LONDON (Reuters) – News Corp executive James Murdoch, under pressure from a phone-hacking scandal at the News of the World tabloid, is to quit the board of drug maker GlaxoSmithKline to spend more time on his media roles. | Full Article

French implant boss released, faces bodily harm charge.

Reuters Health Report – dsgrano@gmail.com – Jan 23, 2012

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Korean research, a first step toward Dr. Smartphone?
“We have confirmed that (touch screens) are able to recognize DNA molecules with nearly 100 percent accuracy just as large, conventional medical equipment can and we believe equal results are possible for proteins,” Park told Reuters TV.“There are proteins known in the medical world like the ones used to diagnose liver cancer, and we would be able to see the liver condition of the patient…”
SEOUL (Reuters) – Tired of long waits at the hospital for medical tests? If Korean researchers have their way, your smartphone could one day eliminate that — and perhaps even tell you that you have cancer. | Full Article
U.S. consumers tell insurers to cover experimental drugs

January 23, 2012 09:42 AM ET

If stem cell treatments in the US are experimental, perhaps insurance will one day cover therm…but don’t hold your breath!

NEW YORK (Reuters) – When your health insurance provider denies an experimental treatment or a high-cost drug, how much are you willing to pay for the care you believe you need? | Full Article
Anxiety, other disorders more common in autism
January 23, 2012 02:13 AM ET
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Autism tends to go hand in hand with a variety of other mental and behavioral conditions in kids, suggests a new study that highlights the fuzzy nature of autism diagnoses themselves. | Full Article
Man dies of bird flu in southwest China: report
January 23, 2012 09:23 AM ET
BEIJING (Reuters) – A man in southwest China died of bird flu on Sunday after three days of intensive care treatment in hospital, the official Xinhua news agency quoted the Ministry of Health as saying. | Full Article
Fitting fitness inside the cubicle
January 23, 2012 06:29 AM ET
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Whether your office is in the business district or on the dining room table, sitting immobile for hours in front of a computer screen is at odds with the fit body. | Full Article

Reuters Health Report – dsgrano@gmail.com – Gmail.

Chronic illness, Heart attacks, Milk and Depression

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WHO warns of enormous burden of chronic disease
LONDON (Reuters) – Chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease and diabetes have reached global epidemic proportions and now cause more deaths than all other diseases combined, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday. | Full Article
Guidelines help prevent heart attack deaths
April 26, 2011 04:23 PM ET
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – When doctors follow guidelines for treating patients after a heart attack, more patients survive, according to a new study from Sweden published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. | Full Article
China seizes 26 tonnes of melamine-tainted milk powder
April 27, 2011 02:26 AM ET
BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese police have seized more than 26 tonnes of milk powder tainted with melamine from a ice cream maker in a southwestern city, state media said, three years after milk tainted with the industrial chemical killed six and made thousands ill. | Full Article
Depression reported by 25 percent of caregivers
April 26, 2011 08:21 PM ET
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – One in four caregivers for ill or elderly relatives and friends said in a survey released on Tuesday that they suffer from depression, a figure far higher than for the U.S. population in general. | Full Article



In STEM CELLS IN THE NEWS on January 21, 2010 at 11:45 am

It saddens me to see people who are on the brink of improvement for their child’s condition are turned away at the door by anti-adult stem cell nay-saying UK doctors. This event will reverberate in their lives for years to come…and unfortunately I believe the parents will regret their choice for years to come. (my comments in red) -dg

Imogen James

Imogen James has a condition known as Optic Nerve Hypoplasia

The parents of a girl with sight problems have given up plans to take their daughter  for stem cell therapy.

Lauren and Nick James’ daughter Imogen suffers from an underdeveloped optic nerve which makes her virtually blind.  Her parents believed this treatment would work miracles on their daughter’s sight.  They raised over £28,000 to pay for the operation but will now return the money and give the rest to charity.

‘Former Optic Nerve Hypoplasia Patient and Stem Cell Recipient Dakota Clark is Doing fantastic’

Imogen James was born with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia which is congenital condition (i.e. present at birth). It means that Imogen is virtually blind and can only see things if they are extremely close to her. Lauren first heard about the stem cell treatment a year ago which filled her with hope.  “A year ago we met with Dakota Clark’s family who’d just been to China for stem cell therapy and they had given rave reviews, [saying] how fantastic it was and how Dakota had started walking, her eyesight was better, her speech was better and she was doing fantastic. “I’ll admit at the time I thought, ‘wow this is unbelievable’ so that gave us the boost.”

Stem cell therapy aims to replace or repair damaged cells but according to the NHS ”the range of diseases where stem cell treatment is proven treatment option is still quite small”.

A few comments about this:

  • Adult or Repair “stem cell treatment is (a) proven treatment option” in over 170 diseases (not very small)…in about ~2000 clinical trials, ~30-40,000 scientific papers and thousands of success stories.
  • Nat’l Health Services or NHS provides treatments to patients so their commenting on competing medical options  is extremely suspect and a conflict of interest.
  • I recently commented on an NHS article on MS with “More Info about MS and Stem Cells – https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/2009/09/02/multiple-sclerosis-and-stem-cells-need-more-info/My comments were removed.

They needed to raise £30,000 to pay for the operation and the flights.  After raising £28,000 in a matter of months, the family was all set to go ahead and had booked flights for December 2009.  So close…so close…

But then the doubts set in. “Obviously during that time we were doing a lot of research ourselves but the more and more we dug into the stem cell therapy the more answers I wasn’t finding.  “I was finding a lot of questions, but I wasn’t finding any answers and unfortunately the company we were going to see, they were sort of evasive with the answers in a way, but I found out from speaking to doctors in the UK that they don’t have the answers either – no-one has.”  The treatment itself involves using an intravenous drip to feed the stem cells into the body, or by using a lumbar puncture .

I have seen the answers that this treatment center (one of the most reputable treatment centers in the world) gives.  They are respectful and honest and they are unwilling to make forward looking or optimistic statements.  Interested patients receive the facts and nothing more.  They will give you the results and experiences and data but no guarantees or promises because they can not and will not out of responsibility to their patients and their own integrity.  This is not evasive, this is the way it should be!

I feel terrible for the Jameses.  I wish them the best and hope Imogen’s condition improves every day.  I hope they don’t regret this decision for the rest of her life…but I’m afraid they will.  I hope they don’t become convinced in 2 months that stem cells are the way to go…but I’m afraid they will.  I hope they have read everything available on stem cell treatment of optic nerve hypoplasia [ https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/?s=optic+nerve ] …the story of Macie Morse who went from legally blind to driving a car, the story of American Idol candidate Devin Riley, the story of the 40 or 50 more (and counting) ONH, SOH and MD (macular degeneration) patients whose sight has improve considerably since stem cell treatment and whose quality of life improvements are off the charts.

In retrospect, I hope they haven’t.  If they have seen all of this evidence and come so close and then still turned away is as bewildering to me as it is tragic. Sigh… I wish I could help them…maybe I still can. I don’t know… Perhaps they will see this and read all of the information available.  I’d like to help if I can…

“But few have spoken of the actual pleasure derived from giving to someone, from creating something, from finishing a task, from offering unexpected help almost invisibly and anonymously.”  Paul Wiener quotes


https://i2.wp.com/img180.imageshack.us/img180/7520/youcanleadahorsetowateran2.jpgYou can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

[something that you say which means you can give someone the opportunity to do something, but you cannot force them to do it if they do not want to – Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, 2nd ed. ]

Stem Cells May Provide Cancer Vaccination

In SCIENCE & STEM CELLS on October 8, 2009 at 2:29 pm

Stem Cells Which ‘Fool Immune System’ May Provide Vaccination For Cancer


cancer stem cell

ScienceDaily (Oct. 8, 2009) — Scientists from the United States and China have revealed the potential for human stem cells to provide a vaccination against colon cancer, reports a study published in Stem Cells.

This discovery, led by experts in immunology, Dr. Bei Liu and Dr. Zihai Li, builds upon a century old theory that immunizing with embryonic materials may generate an anti-tumour response. However, this theory has never before been advanced beyond animal research so the discovery that human stem cells are able to immunize against colon cancer is both new and unexpected.

“This finding potentially opens up a new paradigm for cancer vaccine research,” said Dr. Zihai Li. “Cancer and stem cells share many molecular and biological features. By immunizing the host with stem cells, we are able to ‘fool’ the immune system to believe that cancer cells are present and thus to initiate a tumor-combating immune program.”

via Stem Cells Which ‘Fool Immune System’ May Provide Vaccination For Cancer.

“And the blind shall see” – 10 REAL STEM CELL VICTORIES!

and the blind shall see

and the blind shall see

For Blind Girl, Seeing is Believing After Stem Cell Therapy

Posted 6 May, 2009 in Optic Nerve Hypoplasia | Stem Cell Research Helps Blind Girl See

Hayley Pelletier had been legally blind since birth due to her Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. However, thanks to the wonders of stem cell research using Adult Stem Cells, these days Hayley can now see and in the words of her mother “Basically, her whole quality of life was just bumped up 110 percent.”

No Medications, No Treatments, Nowhere To Go

Before the stem cell research that changed her life occurred, Hayley was learning how to read Braille and how to get around with a cane due to the Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, a leading cause of blindness in children where the optic nerve fails to develop.

Until an amazing new  stem cell treatment using cord blood stem cells, there was no drugs, no treatments that could improve Optic Nerve Hypoplasia.

Cord Blood Stem Cells- Only Treatment Available

Hayley and her mother Heather went to China for the stem cell treatment in November 2008.  And the results have been amazing.  Before, Hayley could barely only make out the difference between light and dark, but now-

  1. She can now draw pictures of people on paper
  2. She can identify colors easily
  3. She can watch television from 3 feet away.

From the stem cell article:

“It’s been incredible,” Pelletier said. “Basically, her whole quality of life was just bumped up 110 percent. She’s so much happier.”

Her self confidence has soared, too. Pelletier managed to say a few words at a Lions Club banquet, but she admits she was intimidated by the hundreds of people in the room. Hayley wasn’t.

“I brought a different child home from China. She stood on a chair and told them all about her experiences there,” said Pelletier, astonished. “Then she thanked them for honoring her with their support.”

Hayley Joins the Stem Cells for Optic Nerve Hypoplasia Club

Hayley now becomes the latest addition to our “club” of children who have been to China for stem cell therapy for their Optic Nerve Hypoplasia and the closely related Septo-Optic Dysplasia and then come back to the United States, UK and  Canada with better vision and other benefits to their development.

Before that there was Jakob Bielski from Canada

Just last week, we added Dakota Clarke , her mom said “It’s been worth every single penny to see the changes in her.”

A few weeks ago we added Macie Morse who can now see well enough to drive after her stem cell therapy.

And before that Coby Fend’s mother said ““We are talking about going back — we’d almost be crazy not to, because right now it’s the best thing going in the entire world.”

And we also had Connor CorkernHe’s doing great. He is doing wonderful. It’s like we’ve got a totally new baby, Coye Corkern said

We had Cameron Petersen – Grandma Petersen said “There was nothing for Cameron before this treatment. Now, his world is limitless.”

Lydia BlackFrom her father – “the treatment is already having a huge effect on her life, and he is glad that she was able to receive stem cell treatment in China.

Lydia Olmstead and Rylea Barlett – “After her second treatment, we started to notice a change,”

Savannah Watring“She said hello to herself in an elevator (after seeing her reflection). It blew everyone away. We weren’t expecting that.”

Xavier Carballo-Xavier’s ophthalmologist, Dr. Jack Guggino of Tampa, said he did a baseline exam on the boy before the trip to China and after his return. He said before the treatment Xavier could only detect hand motion at 1 to 2 feet, and after the treatment he could count fingers at 3 to 4 feet.

As far as Xavier is concerned, there has been definite and measurable improvement, neurologically and ophthalmologically,” Guggino said.

If you or someone you know has a similar condition or perhaps another disease,  please go to www.bit.ly/stemcellhelp

Stem Cell Research A Miracle for Aussie Toddler with Cerebral Palsy

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Apr. 17, 2009 at 5:48 PM

Plenty to smile about: Rosanne de Gregorio (left) with Corey and dad Mark are pleased with the results of the stem cell therapy.Picture: CHRIS HYDE

Adult Stem Cells Improve Young Boy with Cerebral Palsy

Corey de Gregorio, a 3 year old boy from Gordonvale, Australia has improved tremendously after going to a Stem Cell research company which implanted Adult Stem Cells from cord blood into him.

Corey’s parents, Mark and Roseanne had doubts before going to China for the stem cell treatment, but they  wanted Corey to have every chance to live a better life and therefore, they made the journey to China for the stem cell therapy which used only Adult Stem Cells.

The miracle treatment consisted of six “therapies” of cord blood stem cells.

Before the Adult Stem Cells for Cerebral Palsy

  • Had very little use of his left arm/hand
  • Little movement in his torso

After the Stem Cell Treatment

  • Can now use his left hand, can use it to drink a cup by himself
  • Increased flexibility in torso

Amazed by the Stem Cell Research

According to the stem cell article:
More than six months after the stem cell treatment, Mr de Gregorio said the family was amazed at the improvements in his torso and his left arm.

Corey de Gregorio is not the only Aussie to go abroad for stem cell research using Adult Stem Cells. Last month, I featured Sierra Rose Hill, another young toddler from Australia who went to Germany for a successful stem cell treatment for her Cerebral Palsy as well.

Adult Stem Cells do seem to work well for Cerebral Palsy as I have posted many stories about children going to Duke University for stem cell research where they were treated with their own cord blood stem cells.

I am happy for Corey de Gregorio and a special kudos for his parents for taking an educated “risk” and going to China for stem cell treatment where hundreds of others have been helped as well.   It paid off for them.


China looks to expand stake in stem cell technology | Reuters

In ALL ARTICLES, BUSINESS OF STEM CELLS on April 8, 2009 at 7:01 am


BEIJING, April 8 (Reuters) – China will build Asia’s biggest base to develop uses for stem cell medical technology, which the health minister described as having huge potential for development, a Hong Kong newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Stem cell techniques use the body’s master cells to create new cells that medical researchers hope can be used to fight diseases and heal injuries. Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu said his country could become a leader in finding uses for the technology.

“The stem cell and regenerative medicine sector is one of China’s new high-tech biological sectors with the strongest development potential,” Chen said in a message marking the launch of the project in eastern Jiangsu province on Tuesday, according to the the Ta Kung Pao, a mainland-run Hong Kong paper.

via China looks to expand stake in stem cell technology | Reuters.

Gathering of Children Helped by Stem Cell Research using Adult Stem Cells

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Gathering of Children Helped by Stem Cell Research using Adult Stem Cells
Posted 25 March, 2009 in Optic Nerve Hypoplasia |

Stem Cell Research Video

Children Treated With Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells

Punta Gorda, Florida- This past Sunday, March 22, 2009,  a good time was had by all at a event organized by the Medical Awareness Association. This fun time was a gathering of mostly children with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia and their parents who had been overseas for stem cell treatment in China using Cord Blood Stem Cells.

One of the highlights was a speech given by Macie Morse, the 16 year old girl who was blind because her optic nerve failed to develop.  Recently, Macie returned from China where she received Adult Stem Cells.   Today, Macie has her learner’s permit and is driving!!   Don’t believe me?  Have a look at this stem cell video

Before the stem cell treatment in China, there was no treatment, no cure for Optic Nerve Hypoplasia.   Patients with this condtion were destined to a life of blindness.   Now, the word is getting out-  and more children like Jazmin Palmer with this condition are going to China to get this treatment.

Why isn’t it available here in the United States?   The Medical Awareness Asscociation, started by Carol Petersen, the grandmother of Cameron Petersen who was treated and helped for his Optic Nerve Hypoplasia last year,  is trying to make this happen here.  The stem cells used are cord blood stem cells- there is no controversy surrounding them.  NO reason why this shouldn’t be available now.

Here is their mission statement of the Medical Awareness Association:

We are, each one of us, Americans with conditions our US doctors have told us were untreatable, merely manageable, degenerative, unheard of, regressive, terminal or orphaned. We have witnessed the opportunity presented by adult umbilical cord and cord blood stem cell therapies outside our borders.

Many of us have questioned these terms by which our doctors labelled our conditions. Many of us have received stem cell therapies beyond the acceptance of the US medical tradition. We have accepted the risks inherent in our choice. We have also accepted the possibility of seeing “regression” itself regress.

We call on US researchers to actively pursue stem cell therapies while not belittling our choice to actively pursue therapies for ourselves internationally. We call on US researchers to engage us. We call on medical providers to not limit our treatment in US medical facilities because of our choice to receive stem cell therapies beyond our borders. We call on the press to include our perspective in their portrayal of stem cell technologies.

Stem cell therapies, even while exploratory, are gaining ground quickly. We are ultimately, and immediately, the intended beneficiaries of these therapies. And we are being forced to travel thousands of miles to foreign lands for any hope of benefit. We believe these therapies are ethical, immediately available and present no undue risk-save the journey we are forced to make to receive them. Please join us in our cause to increase exposure of these therapies and rush research into Stateside acceptance of adult stem cell therapy today.

There are quite a few groups sprouting up like the Repair Stem Cell Institute and this Medical Awareness Association,  largely ignoring the debate of adult stem cell research vs. embryonic stem cell research because they realize that adult stem cells can be used now!  They just can’t be used in the United States because the FDA is treating Adult Stem Cells like a new drug.      That is the reason these children in the video had to go to China for a safe and effective treatment with little to no side effects. It isn’t Obama, it wasn’t Bush- it is the FDA!

The original article on the stem cell gathering here



Does the end justify the means?  It has come to this.  I’ve resorted to name calling and insults in the hopes that this gets to Mr Fox and he opens his eyes to the benefits of adult stem cells for treating Parkinson’s Disease.

I respect and admire Mr Fox too much to sit idly by while he chases the pipe dream of embryonic stem cell treatments.

You call yourself a leader in Parkinson’s disease treatment discovery, Mr Fox?


You are leading the multitude of sufferers of Parkinson’s disease, who hold you in such high esteem, off a cliff and into the sea.

How many patients must go to China and return “with a significant reduction in their debilitating Parkinson’s disease symptoms” before you take heed?

I apologize for this sophmoric and crude tact but the ends WILL justify the means…if you hear this.


David Granovsky

American and European Parkinson’s Sufferers Find Chinese Stem Cell Treatment Effective, Proving Western Debates Moot

Westerners Return from Beijing’s World-Class Stem Cell Treatment Hospital with Clear Improvement, Giving Hope Not Found at Home


BEIJING, Oct. 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Tiantan Puhua Neurosurgical Hospital, the world’s leading center for effective treatment of Parkinson’s disease using adult retinal stem cells, today here announced that four more international patients returned home from China with a significant reduction in their debilitating Parkinson’s disease symptoms. These success stories clearly demonstrate stem cells can effectively be used to treat afflictions like Parkinson’s in addition to many other neurological disorders. More details and videos of the four patients’ progress can be found at http://www.stemcellschina.com.

While debates over stem cells continue in many countries, Western clinical trials have so far found the use of adult retinal stem cells to be the best chance for Parkinson’s sufferers to gain a better quality of life. Chinese neurologists at Tiantan Puhua Hospital are among those worldwide leading the implementation of this cutting-edge science through safe and effective treatment. Following Penny Thomas of Hawaii, who benefited from the hospital’s stem cell treatment a year ago, four more patients have now come home to better lives in the United States and Europe after treatment at Tiantan Puhua Hospital in Beijing.

Jane Edwards, a 55-year-old United Kingdom citizen, saw comparatively dramatic improvement in her debilitating Parkinson’s symptoms almost immediately after a minimally invasive injection that implanted millions of high-quality adult hRPE (human Retinal Pigment Epithelial) cells. The procedure utilizes the latest stereotactic technology. This cutting edge three-dimensional imaging system assists doctors in locating the most appropriate area of the brain or other nerve center to implant the cells…

via American and European Parkinson’s Sufferers Find Chinese Stem Cell Treatment Effective, Proving Western De… ( Westerners Return from Beijing’s Wor…).

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