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UK wants results of breast implant review this week
LONDON (Reuters) – Britain expects the results of a review of breast implant safety to come this week following a global health scare focused on products from a now defunct French company, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said on Wednesday. | Full Article
Want your kids to do better in school? Try exercise
January 04, 2012 08:17 AM ET
(Reuters) – Children who get more exercise also tend to do better in school, whether the exercise comes as recess, physical education classes or getting exercise on the way to school, according to an international study. | Full Article
Daycare providers say kids are too inactive
January 04, 2012 09:22 AM ET
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Potential playground hazards, a focus on classroom learning and boring play equipment have children spending too little time being physically active at daycare, according to a survey of staff members at child care centers in Ohio. | Full Article


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Remember in the final scene of every episode of Benny Hill where he does something really scandalous and then gets chased by the entire cast around and around in circles?  Turns out, Benny Hill is ALIVE AND WELL and advising Britain on their medical protocols!  https://i2.wp.com/www.webtvwire.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/the-benny-hill-show-logo.jpg

You see, Britain, like the USA, is chasing this fleet footed “embryonic stem cell treatment comedy of errors” around and around in circles just like in the Benny Hill episodes.  Every week, the same scene is played out with Benny running, the entire cast chasing and he never gets caught.  So in Art, so in life.  Britain is chasing embryonic stem cells used for treatment of optic diseases.  And remember…

  • Embryonic stem cells STILL have ZERO successful clinical trials
  • Embryonic stem cells STILL cause cysts and tumors that can become cancerous (wait 20 years and ask again though)
  • Embryonic stem cells STILL have rejection issues that require immunosuppressive drugs
  • Embryonic stem cells STILL carry the genetic anomalies of the donor

So on top of wasting time chasing a cure with no prior history of success and huge negative side effects, thy are running right past a treatment with a huge history of success and safety and trials.

So cue up the cameras, get everyone in costume and let’s start that famous music going as everyone chases embryonic stem cell treatments around and around.  Wait! STOP! Hold it! CUT!

How on earth can we explain the entire medical community and government running right past what already works?  Got it! Give them all blindfolds!  That way they can be assured to miss the forest but they will hit every damn tree in it and so will the patients, patiently waiting for treatments which will never come!

…annndddd   ACTION!!!

Iris of a human eye

First trial of embryonic stem cell treatment in Europe gets green light

Patients in Britain with an eye disease that leads to blindness will take part in Europe’s first human embryonic stem cell trial

British surgeons are to take part in the first trial in patients of a human embryonic stem cell therapy to gain approval from regulators in Europe.

Surgeons at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London will inject cells into the eyes of 12 patients with an incurable eye disease called Stargardt’s macular dystrophy, one of the main causes of blindness in young people…

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Adult Stem Cell Research Helps Breast Reconstruction After Lumpectomy

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Posted 21 April, 2009 in Breast Enlargement or Reconstruction

Stem Cell Research Provides Help for Breast Reconstruction

Irene MacKenzie had a lumpectomy for her early stage breast cancer leaving her with a hollow in her breast. The lumpectomy took care of the cancer, but what about her breast? Well, Irene was the first person in Britain to reap the benefits of Stem Cell research using Adult Stem Cells for breast reconstruction.

Feeling Self-Conscious After the Lumpectomy

After the lumpectomy, Irene didn’t feel good about the way her breast looked. She looked for options. A friend referred her to Eva Weiler-Mithoff who is a consultant plastic surgeon at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Dr. Weiler-Mithoff who had been approached with a new Adult Stem Cell process asked if Irene would be interested in becoming the first woman in Britain to receive this new stem cell treatment for breasts. Irene didn’t hesitate and said “YES!”

Process of Stem Cells for the Breast

  1. Approximately one pint of fat extracted via liposuction from her stomach.
  2. Half the fat was put aside.  Adult Stem Cells were extracted from the other half of fat.
  3. The Adult Stem Cells were then mixed with the first half of fat.
  4. The Stem Cell mix was injected into the hollow in her breast.
  5. 3 months later- the stem cell therapy treated breast looked and felt like a normal breast

Up until now, the only option has been to  fill the hollow with the liposuctioned fat (without adding the Adult Stem Cells).  The Adult Stem Cells create new blood vessels thus giving the newly added fat some blood supply so it does not die.

11 Breast Patients Treated With Stem Cell Therapy So Far

Dr. Weiler-Mithoff says that they have treated 11 patients so far in this stem cell clinical trial, but that she is very pleased with the results so far.

From the stem cell article:

This stem-cell enriched fat also seems to restore the softness of the breast tissues. It almost uncrumples the skin, undoing some of the radiotherapy damage, and women are reporting that their pain has eased, too – possibly because it makes the skin more supple.

I feel this technique will have a significant impact on breast reconstruction. Patients don’t need a big operation and there are no scars.

I recently covered a similar story approximately a month ago about this breast reconstruction in Britain although that story focused more on how this exact same procedure could be used for breast enlargement.

Also, doctors have been doing this in Japan for over 6 years now at the Seishin Cosmetic Clinic with an  80% satisfaction rate.

Similar Stem Cell Research for Face Lifts

Also, last week, I covered a company in China that is using this same technique of getting Adult Stem Cells from the fat and then injecting them into the face as an alternative to a facelift.




Boy in ‘bubble’ cured of life-threatening disease

A seven-year-old boy kept in a “bubble” for two months has become the first person in Britain to be cured of a rare life-threatening disease with a bone marrow transplant.

By Caroline Gammell

Last Updated: 4:31PM BST 03 Jun 2008

Rhys Harris, boy in a ‘bubble’, cured of life-threatening disease

Rhys Harris Photo: WNS

Rhys Harris was kept in isolation in the airtight chamber while his immune system was destroyed by chemotherapy and replaced by being given new bone marrow.

During eight weeks of treatment, his parents had to wear specially sterilised gowns and, although they could dress and cuddle their son, they were not allowed to kiss him.

Rhys was initially diagnosed with a mycobacterial infection – a “cousin” of tuberculosis – which is rare.

When doctors investigated further, they discovered that he had an underlying immune deficiency disease called Nemo, Nuclear Factor Kappa B Essential Modulator, which effectively stopped his white cells working properly.

Less than 12 people in the UK currently have the condition.

Rhys, from Newbridge in South Wales, was transferred from care in Cardiff to Newcastle General Hospital, one of two units specialising in treating such diseases.

The transplant took place last October and this week his parents Kevin, 44, and Dawn, 39, were told the procedure had been successful.

Rhys, who was left deaf after suffering meningitis as a baby, now has a “normal” immune system and is no more at risk from disease and infection than anyone else.

Mr Harris said: “We knew it was a slim chance but we had to take it. The flipside of the coin just wasn’t worth thinking about.

“Rhys just went through hell and back and back to hell again – it was a really tough time for all of us. He is really tough and resilient. He is a normal seven year old boy apart from this who loves rugby and adores his brother.”

Dr Mario Abinun, consultant paediatric immunologist at Newcastle General Hospital, said 25 similar transplants were carried out each year.

“This is the first time this operation has been carried out on a child with Nemo in the UK. When Rhys came in he was a very sick boy but now he is so much better.

“All the staff at the hospital are happy and glad to see the little boy getting better and enjoying the normal things boys should be doing – running around and being mischievous.”

via Boy in ‘bubble’ cured of life-threatening disease – Telegraph.

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