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In BUSINESS OF STEM CELLS on November 15, 2009 at 11:30 pm


BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. (OTCBB:BCLI), a leading developer of adult stem cell technologies and therapeutics, is pleased to announce that its chief medical advisor, Professor Eldad Melamed, was interviewed on November 9, 2009 on Israel?s most popular radio broadcast, Galei Zahal. The interview was conducted by Yaron Willensky, a respected news talk show host, to discuss the latest achievements, treatment and progress of BrainStorm?s stem cell technology and therapy with respect to neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS and Parkinson?s disease.

?The stem cell therapy treatment is ready. We have successfully been able to process autologous adult human mesenchymal stem cells, grow them and differentiate them into other cell types for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. We are currently in middle of obtaining approval to begin the first clinical trials on ALS patients in Israel,? stated Professor Melamed during the interview. ?Regarding clinical trials for Parkinson?s disease, we are ready to begin,? continued Professor Melamed. ?However, we must still complete the regulatory approval process before that can happen.?



BrainStorm Reschedule Webcast Audio Conference

In BUSINESS OF STEM CELLS on October 15, 2009 at 12:27 pm

NEW YORK & PETACH TIKVAH, Israel–(Business Wire)– BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. (OTCBB:BCLI – News) , announced today that it will reschedule the webcast audio conference to update shareholders on its strategy and report on the way forward towards clinical trials. This event will be rescheduled for a later date to be announced soon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

via BrainStorm Announces That It Will Reschedule Its Webcast Audio Conference | Reuters.


The Stem Cell Stock Index

In BUSINESS OF STEM CELLS on September 7, 2009 at 8:36 pm


The Stem Cell Stock Index

ACTC.PK 3:59pm $0.15 0.03 20.00%
AFFX 4:00pm $8.55 0.16 1.91%
ASTM 3:59pm $0.43 0.03 7.23%
ATHX 3:58pm $0.98 -0.01 -1.00%
BCLI.OB 3:59pm $0.24 -0.03 -11.11%
BHRT.OB 1:26pm $0.77 -0.01 -1.28%
BIO 4:02pm $87.20 1.05 1.22%
BTIM.OB 3:59pm $3.50 -0.07 -1.96%
CBAI.OB 3:59pm $0.00 0.00 3.45%
CCEL.OB 3:58pm $2.25 0.09 4.17%
CELG 4:00pm $51.74 0.75 1.47%
CUR 4:00pm $1.14 0.04 3.63%
CYTX 4:00pm $3.12 0.13 4.35%
CVM 4:00pm $0.67 0.00 0.00%
DNDN 4:00pm $23.80 0.80 3.48%
GERN 4:00pm $7.21 0.30 4.34%
HTDS.PK 3:59pm $0.01 -0.00 -4.24%
ISCO.OB 3:49pm $0.82 -0.05 -5.75%
KOOL 3:59pm $0.62 -0.02 -3.12%
MCET.OB 3:57pm $0.02 -0.00 -6.00%
NBS 1:55pm $1.84 -0.06 -3.03%
OPXA 3:59pm $1.53 0.04 2.83%
OSIR 4:00pm $12.21 0.69 5.99%
PSTI 3:58pm $1.31 -0.02 -1.50%
RENE.L 11:21am $6.75 1.00 17.39%
SCII.OB 2:41pm $0.04 0.01 16.67%
SCLL.PK 3:55pm $0.00 -0.00 -3.23%
SCLZ.PK 3:22pm $0.03 -0.00 -11.76%
SCTPF.PK 1:36pm $0.12 0.00 2.06%
SSS.V 3:32pm $0.13 -0.01 -7.14%
STEM 4:00pm $1.69 0.04 2.42%
VODG.OB 3:48pm $0.30 0.00 0.00%


Stem cell production deal boosts Brainstorm’s share

In BUSINESS OF STEM CELLS on September 6, 2009 at 11:47 am

The move brings Brainstorm a step closer to a clinical trial for its ALS product.

Gali Weinreb6 Sep 09 12:52

Despite falling 30% on Thursday and Friday, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Ltd. (Bulletin Board:BCLI.OB), a developer of adult stem cell technologies and therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases, still saw its share rise 60% over last week after reporting a production deal. The share closed at $0.24 on Friday, giving a market cap of $14.35 million.

Brainstorm said that it had agreed to start production with Protein Production Services Ltd. (PPS), a manufacturing contractor. The clinical-grade product will be used in a pre-clinical safety trial for the company’s innovative therapy for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease).

via Stem cell production deal boosts Brainstorm’s share.

BCLI,CVIT,CVITE,NWMT,NPHC – NewMarket Technology – September 2, 2009

In BUSINESS OF STEM CELLS on September 3, 2009 at 10:24 am

Weston, FLA, Sep 02, 2009 (M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX) — NPHC | Quote | Chart | News | PowerRating — Wall Street News Alert's “stocks to watch” this morning are: NewMarket Technology, Inc. (OTC: NWMT), Cavit Sciences Inc. (OTC: CVIT), BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc (OTCBB: BCLI | Quote | Chart | News | PowerRating) and Nutra Pharma Corp. (OTCBB: NPHC).

via BCLI,CVIT,CVITE,NWMT,NPHC Wall Street News Alert: Stock Watch for Wednesday: NewMarket Technology – September 2, 2009.

BrainStorm (BCLI) – Bone Marrow Stem Cell Co. Profile Released

In BUSINESS OF STEM CELLS on August 27, 2009 at 8:42 am

Bone Marrow Stem Cell Company Profile Released

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 27, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A report addressing one company’s research using human bone marrow stem cells has been released. The report will explore the efforts of BrainStorm (OTCBB:BCLI) and is of interest to investors of leading stem cell equities Geron (Nasdaq:GERN), Osiris Therapeutics (Nasdaq:OSIR), Aastrom Biosciences (Nasdaq:ASTM) and StemCells (Nasdaq:STEM).

From the report: BrainStorm (OTCBB:BCLI) is a leading developer of stem cell technologies to provide treatments for currently incurable neurodegenerative diseases. The Company is focused on developing NTF cells from the patient’s own bone marrow in order to treat, Parkinson, ALS, and Spinal Cord Injury.

The adult stem cells are used to create healthy NTF cells which produce and secrete neurotrophic factors, which are essential for the survival and outgrowth of neurons, and may become beneficial in neurodegenerative diseases. Patients treated with the Company’s NurOwn(tm) therapeutic cells are expected to enjoy a rapid recovery and much enhanced quality of life. BrainStorm’s therapy has the potential to cure underlying pathology, rather than simply treat symptoms. BrainStorm’s management and scientific teams are passionately devoted to the Company’s mission: regenerating the mind… in their lifetime.

via SmallCapSentinel.com: Bone Marrow Stem Cell Company Profile Released.

Stem Cell Stock Index

In BUSINESS OF STEM CELLS on August 26, 2009 at 9:48 pm

Today the Index Value closed at $4.87, up 0.05 — a gain of 1.04%.

The index value climbed to 1.3379 from 1.3242 with an associated index market cap of $4.028 Billion.

Company Ticker Last Change %
Advanced Cell Technology ACTC.OB $0.00 $0.00 0
Aastrom Biosciences ASTM $0.44 -$0.019 -4.14%
AVI Biopharma AVII $1.42 $0.03 2.16%
BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics BCLI.OB $0.11 -$0.005 -4.55%
CRYO-CELL International CCEL.OB $1.96 -$0.05 -2.49%
Cryo-Save CRYO.L $58.00 $0.00 0.00
Cytori Therapeutics CYTX $3.21 $0.00 0.00
Geron Corporation GERN $6.93 $0.37 5.64%
ThermoGenesis KOOL $0.67 $0.0101 1.53%
MultiCell Technologies MCET.OB $0.03 -$0.0032 -10.09%
NeoStem, Inc. NBS $1.78 $0.08 4.71%
Opexa Therapeutics Inc. OPXA $1.47 $0.06 4.26%
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. OSIR $14.49 $0.34 2.40%
Ortec International, Inc. OTCI.OB $0.00 $0.00 0
Stem Cell Thera SSS.V $0.13 $0.005 4.17%
StemCells STEM $1.70 $0.08 4.94%


In ALL ARTICLES on August 25, 2009 at 8:22 am

— BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. (OTCBB: BCLI | Quote | Chart | News | PowerRating) opened Monday at $0.084 per share on trading volume of 2,680,000 shares.

In a press release out on Aug 24, 2009 — BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. (OTCBB: BCLI), a leading developer of adult stem cell technologies and therapeutics, announced today that the company has secured the funding required to complete pre-clinical trials underway for the treatment of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). The company expects to begin Phase I clinical studies in 2010.

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