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JANET JACKSON – It’s time to blow amFAR up!

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amfAR is proof people have succumbed to AIDS

AIDS Awareness

The Foundation for AIDS Research was founded in 1985 and since they have invested nearly $290 Million on its mission. We are talking about an average of about $10 million per year for 25 years. Yet this diseased killed over 25 million people, with over 33 million infected. A better calculation would be about $10 per fatality or $3 or $4 per causality. We are talking about an organization that spends close to 71% towards its objective of 71 cents to a dollar and I think that is very aggressive and phenomenal.

We are talking about an organization full of celebrities affiliations, yet there is not International Anthem sung in there behalf, there is not concerts in there behalf, there is just a bunch of silent watchers. It is time to blow amfAR up, with the promise of Stem Cell Research, AIDS Research promises to reach a new height. It’s time for a song and a concert, a movie and celebrity promotions on TV and radio. We cannot afford to sit silently and watch people die unnecessarily. We have to show hope, that hope be a reality. The Foundation for AIDS Research does not need celebrity money it needs your time and talents to generate awareness of the current agenda, then the money will follow. What Janet Jackson is doing is honorable and more should follow suit.


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Janet Jackson recently arrived in Milan, Italy to chair at an amfAR charity event, as they try to raise funds and awareness. There are a lot of organizations that operate on the frontlines of the battle against AIDS and are proportionately well funded, providing things like housing, counseling and the essentials to better living.

However, amfAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research) is disproportionately under-funded receiving a small amount of the money spent on AIDS Research. Whereby if there was an intelligence department in AIDS Research they are it, as in over a period about 25 years founded in 1985 they spent about $300 million on their mission. However there were over 25 million deaths due to the complications of AIDS and at least 33 million infected as of this day. People are living longer with AIDS now, but it is still for most a death sentence.

Janet Jackson arrives in Milan, Italy for amfAR Charity event

Yes it is important to serve those underserved in society such as People Living with AIDS, but the only real hope is in finding a cure to eradicate this dreadful disease. And that is the mission of amfAR. I think with the promises of Stem Cell Research there should be a resurgence of enthusiasm and not settling for just treatments that ultimately leads to death, but an actual cure.


There was a recent BUZZ stating that there is a female contraceptive ring that can prevent the transmission of AIDS, so there has been real progress in AIDS research. Hopefully a cure will be found in the life time of the many infected people as of this day.

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