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Stem Cell Investigation: A 60 Minutes Fraud

In STEM CELLS IN THE NEWS on January 16, 2012 at 9:55 am
April 18th, 2010  
CBS releases the Sixty Minutes episode: “21st Century Snake Oil.”  
January 8, 2012
Both of these episodes were shamefully aired with no regard for the consequences.
These 2 TV shows, left uncontested, may be enough to convince millions of patients to give up hope for stem cell treatments.  These 2 TV shows, may be enough to condemn millions of patients to die early and unnecessarily.
History will show, too late for most, CBS and much of the US media suppressed information which could have saved millions from lives of suffering and a too-early death. 
This is CBS’ legacy to the sick and dying of the world.
This is CBS’s “Harvest of Shame.”
Good for CBS and their “headlines at any cost” tactics, for rooting out the crooked doc in an industry filled with excellent doctors and scientist.  Too bad they had to go through hundreds of stem cell docs and scientists to find a bad one.  Now that they have done so and have their succulent “story” they will move onto the next headline, regardless of whether it is true or not, researched or not accurate or not…or whether it turns millions of patients off of potential recovery from their chronic and/or terminal diseases.
Patients have no such luxury; they need someone to review all the hundreds of treatment centers all the time and even after the cover story is published. Patients need an advocate to wade through the misinformation and guide them today AND tomorrow so they don’t waste time or money or health on the hacks.
Let’s really look at the issues presented by CBS in this expose:
The doctor did not have proper education and experience to administer stem cell treatments: Agreed.  Please be sure to know the quality of the clinic before you go there.
The stem cells the doctor used were damaged:
Just because the cells CBS received from “Stem Tech Labs” were a damaged batch doesn’t mean the doctor used a bad batch of cells to treat his patients.  Also, there are checks and balances for this type of thing.  At any self-respecting clinic, standard quality controls are utilized and cells are checked for viability prior to use.  Please be sure to know the quality of the clinic before you go there.
There is no basis for improvement of Cerebral Palsy from stem cell treatments:
I’m confused.  The CBS investigation bases their information on information from Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg.
“We asked a scientist who’s doing some of the world’s most advanced studies in stem cells, Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg.  Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg: I believe stem cells have a lot of promise. But we are way at the infancy. Because real stem cells are very difficult to control as therapy. I personally think we’re 10 years away from seeing real cell therapies that are working and are safe, but I do believe it will come. Dr. Kurtzberg is a physician and the chief scientific officer of a stem cell research program at Duke University. She advises the federal government and she’s co-director of this multimillion dollar laboratory which works with stem cells harvested from umbilical cord blood. Dr. Kurtzberg told us there’s no evidence yet that stem cells can treat cerebral palsy.”  
Well…perhaps she never saw the trial at Northwestern University:
“Two compounds developed by Northwestern University chemists have been shown to be effective in pre-clinical trials in protecting against cerebral palsy.” Two compounds show great promise for cerebral palsy  
But I find it very hard to believe she never saw these results from stem cell treatments/trials for Cerebral Palsy at Duke University!
Duke U. CLINICAL TRIAL for Cerebral Palsy & other newborn brain injuries – http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00593242?term=hypoxic+ischemic+encephalopathy&rank=3 – for more information – http://parentsguidecordblood.org/content/usa/medical/autocbt.shtml or for anecdotal info – Abby , Chloe, Dallas
Dallas Hextell, a 2-year-old from Sacramento, California, received an infusion of his own umbilical cord blood as part of the Duke University clinical trial. Within five days, he showed improvements in the limitations imposed by the condition.  video: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/23569985#23569985
via http://www.youhavealawyer.com/blog/2008/03/26/cerebral-palsy-improvement/
“a toddler with cerebral palsy, who experienced dramatic improvements in his disability following an experimental procedure involving a stem cell transplant.” – http://pediatrics.duke.edu/modules/dept_peds_annc/index.php?id=79  
“Caveat emptor” my friends.   
“Let the buyer beware.”   
And if you can’t “beware” on your own, you damn well better utilize a proper advocate and guide so you get accurate information on which to base your health decisions.
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