Very quietly, buried in a 3 page article on platelet rich plasma and horse and athlete injury treatments was this epic and monumental bombshell!  Do NOT underestimate how significant this is.  Up till this point, the US medical establishment thought that adult stem cells were unproven, of limited potential and a waste of time and money.
Now the big daddy of them all, the NIH, is jumping in with both feet!  This is not a secondary back up treatment to improve red blood cell levels after chemo.  This is the NIH advocating THE USE OF ADULT STEM CELLS TO TREAT DEBILITATING MEDICAL CONDITIONS!

You heard it here first! -DG


“The National Institutes for Health seem to think regenerating human muscle and bone using a person’s own adult stem cells is nearly ready for prime time.

Last week, the NIH announced to its staff that it’s creating a bone marrow-stem cell transplant center within the NIH Clinical Research Center.”


This is the first step on a long road but maybe one day in the future, the multitude of Americans suffering with diseases that can be improved with adult stem cells will not have to travel overseas for treatments.  We can only hope!


Via Injured? Horsing Around With Stem Cells May Get You Back in the Saddle – http://www.wired.com/medtech/stemcells/news/2008/08/stemcell_regeneration

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