BELIEVE IT OR NOT,  you should consider yourself very lucky!

  • There are a number of top-notch facilities around the world that are successfully treating lung disease.
  • The lungs are the greediest organ in the body when it comes to stem cells so any treatment has a high potential of success than most.

Here are a number of articles and a description of the procedure at the bottom for your review.
Please be aware that the US is years behind the rest of the world in regard to stem cell treatments.
Also, the only treatments I would consider, use adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells.
This is a scientific/medical bias, not a religious one.  Adult stem cells work, embryonic do not.

Procedure to implant the patient’s own Adult Stem Cells into the lungs
(this is one of the more popular techniques to give you an idea of what’s involved):

1.A very thin special needle is injected into the crest of the patient’s iliac bone and bone marrow is drawn out
2.The aspirated bone marrow is then taken next door into the lab and put into a centrifuge. The stem cells are separated, filtered (to remove some bone remains)
3.2-3 hours later, the stem cells are injected into the veins and go directly to the lungs.

What Do The Adult Stem Cells Do In the Lungs?
The lungs grab and keep the stem cells and the alveolus starts regenerating. What happens here is that dead cells in the alveolus of the lungs leave empty spaces or niches or little caves, into which the stem cells settle down and start growing, reproducing and rebuilding the alveolus.

The stem cells go to the lungs directly as all blood passes through the lungs before going to the heart, lungs are a sort of a trap and the stem cells stay there. Recovery does not happen immediately for obvious reasons, but it takes from 3 to 6 months, though the patient starts reducing his oxygen consumption as from the 4th week onwards. How much he can reduce his oxygen consumption depends on his actual condition, how his body may react and many other factors.

Sometimes, quite rare, a second implant is required about 6 to 12 months later, for reinforcement. If this would be the case, some Doctors do not charge any additional medical fees, just the out of pocket expenses coming with it, such as hospital, hotel accommodation, ground transportation and airfares.  That doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all. In other words, if it doesn’t work, a patient can try again at minimal expense.

More On The Stem Cell Treatment For COPD and Emphysema
The patient is requested to arrive at one of the Treatment Centers one day prior treatment, for pre-treatment tests. The next day, the patient gets his stem cell treatment done and it is very probable he will be discharged from hospital on the same day or next morning, but he is requested to stay at a hotel nearby for observation purposes for 2 more days at least.

No Pain, No Gain With Adult Stem Cells
The patient normally does not have any pain during or after treatment, though if necessary he will get some analgesic, such as an Aspirin or Advil pill, that is all he will need. He will be at least in the same condition for traveling back as he was when he arrived. Afterwards, the patient will get his follow up by his regular attending physician, but the patient will always be able to keep in touch with the doctor whom performed the procedure.

No Rejection, No Side Effects From Your Own Stem Cells
There is no rejection as the patient gets his own cells and there are no side effects, collateral effects nor consequences of the treatment. If some of the injected Stem Cells would escape from the lungs and go to some other organs, there is no harm, just the opposite- benefits for that organ!

Feel free to contact me again if I can be of further assistance.

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