I want to welcome you to the STEM CELL TREATMENT FUND RAISING INITIATIVE and wish you and yours Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Email me at dsgrano@gmail.com with the words “FUND RAISING” in the subject line and I will send you a primer on FUND RASING TACTICS. All are welcome and this information is free of cost.

Over the past year, many patients asked me for fund raising help and despite a ridiculous pre-existing workload, I could not deny their requests for help any longer.  Well, no good deed goes unpunished!  This little grass roots project created on a wing and a prayer and meant to help the few is quickly growing by leaps and bounds!  There has been an incredible amount of positive response!

In the near future, I am going to expand the tactics and services available so all can participate with a variety of options, regardless of their budget or condition. I am looking forward to fact finding meetings coming up after the New Year with fund raising officers from the University of Pennsylvania and the Templeton Foundation.  If anyone has new ideas on fund raising tactics, please let me know.  I anyone has found something to work exceedingly well, please let me know!

FYI, To find the best treatment center in the world for treating a particular disorder; fill out the  treatment request form TREATMENT INFO REQUEST.  Your medical info will be sent to the top 8 treatment centers in the world and they will contact you shortly with information, costs, etc. if they meet your personal requirements.  There is no cost for treatment request and info.


* If you would like to be signed you up for a free one year subscription to a stem cell  newsletter, email me at dsgrano@gmail.com and write the word “NEWSLETTER”
* If you want to purchase the world’s first stem cell book for kids – http://bit.ly/StemCellBook4Kids

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.
Please keep me informed on your progress.
Best of luck –

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