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What drew me to stem cells?

After practicing architecture from 1988-2004 I was commissioned to design an 8 story building in Bangkok, Thailand for the first commercial stem cell treatment facility in the world. In the 7 months I spent designing the building, I watched as they treated congestive heart failure patients who were stuck on transplant lists, hoping and waiting for a donor heart that might never materialize.

Hooked up to oxygen canisters, the patients were rolled in on wheelchairs with gray complexions and hung heads. Many of them returned months later on their own power with a smile on their faces and a bounce in their step. Many of these people doubled their ejection fractions (vol of blood pumped out of their hearts). Many of them went from Level 3 or 4 congestive heart failure (spending the rest of their short lives in a bed waiting for a heart transplant) down to Level one (playing tennis, making love to their spouses, chasing their grandchildren around).

This experience, coupled with a personal desire to find a treatment for diabetes (for someone very close to me) prompted me to research stem cells and I was quickly enthralled by the therapeutic benefits possible with adult stem cell treatments. These are adult stem cells found in everybody’s body, not the controversial embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells are found in blood, dental pulp, bone marrow, mother’s milk, placenta, amniotic fluid, umbilical cords, teeth, fat, menstruation, etc.

The patients in the US have no idea that adult stem cells are treating over 100 diseases around the world for up to a decade…that there are thousands of clinical trials and peer reviewed papers from around the world proving their safety and efficacy. I wanted everyone to know that were options out in the world that were not available in the USA.I soon started writing about stem cells for some of the top stem cell doctors, scientists, patient advocacy and treatment facilities in the world and created my stem cell blog with ~1300 posts [https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com ] and ~1.5 million visits to date. I also wrote a children’s book on the subject to increase awareness [ http://bit.ly/StemCellBook4Kids ] and became involved in many, many…many patient groups around the world.

I currently spend a lot of time assisting patients with debilitating or incurable diseases in finding the best possible treatments and treatment centers for their condition, travel limitations, budget, etc. Give me a shout if you have any further questions. I’m happy to help in any way I can.  This information is free and all you have to do is fill out a treatment request form. Your medical info is sent to the top 3-5 treatment centers in the world that treat your specific disease.  You will be contacted shortly with information, protocols, costs, etc.  Again, there is NO COST or obligation for the treatment request and info. I often put interested patients in touch with some other patients who are currently going through the process or have already been treated and are enjoying improved health.

For example, Multiple Sclerosis has been treated in many facilities around the world with stem cells with a long history of success.  You can find many of the stories here  [ https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/2009/09/02/multiple-sclerosis-and-stem-cells-need-more-info/ ]  MS is also one of the very few diseases that have had US clinical trials performed (at Northwestern and Duke Universities).  They were both very successful. In short, there is a large base of data regarding the benefits of stem cells for treatment of MS and many other diseases believed to be incurable in the US.

I’m very proud to tell you that after many months of work, I recently created a Primer on Fund Raising Strategies for Treatment (stem cell or otherwise).  The primer is available by emailing me at dsgrano@gmail.com with the words “FUND RAISING” in the subject line or text body.  There is a free Stem Cell newsletter that comes out twice a month that I would be happy to add anyone interested to.  Both the Newsletter and the Fund Raising Primer are free of cost.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at dsgrano@gmail.com or for treatment information, click here:

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