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Alexandria man first to receive new stem cell heart treatment in U.S.

…The researchers took Clegg’s own stem cells and injected them directly into targeted places in his heart muscle to see if his condition could be slowed, stopped or perhaps reversed, Bruckner said. The procedure had been performed *a few times in Germany and other areas,

* “a few times???”       INCORRECT!

Adult stem cell implantation for cardiac disease has been performed HUNDREDS of times in Thailand since 2004, plus many, many times in many other countries around the world.

but the Food and Drug Administration had only recently allowed U.S. researchers to try the experimental methods on patients in the U.S.

“Injecting cells directly is kind of **a novel idea,” Bruckner said.

** “a novel idea???”     INCORRECT!

See https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/2009/07/28/worlds-first-adult-cardiac-stem-cell-is-complete-horsepuckey/

Based on the European data, the FDA allowed the process to skip the first phase of research that would have required the treatment to be limited to one facility, Bruckner said. In a phase two study, multiple clinics across the country were able to participate using a field of about 40 patients.

Clegg was among the 75 percent of the field selected for the treatment while the other portion received traditional treatment as the control group, Bunge said.

In November 2008, the team removed 50 milliliters of bone marrow from Clegg’s hip, Bruckner said. They packaged it and sent it to Aastrom Biosciences Inc. in Ann Arbor, Mich., for analysis and cultivation of the bone marrow’s best stem cells.

via Patient No. 1: Alexandria man first to receive new stem cell heart treatment in U.S. | thetowntalk.com | The Town Talk.

ADULT STEM CELLS HAVE BEEN USED TO TREAT CARDIAC DISEASES, INCLUDING CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE, FOR OVER 5 YEARS!!  The only reason Thomas is the first in the US is because US patients have had to leave the country for treatment for 5 years!

To read more about cardiac stem cell treatment history:

More cardiac stem cell success stories: http://donmargolis.com/blog/index.php?s=cardiac

CATCH UP! – 12 MORE Articles about so called “revolutionary” cardiac stem cell advances that are 4-6 years behind the times – https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/2009/05/29/catch-up-12-articles-about-revolutionary-cardiac-advances-that-are-4-6-years-late/

There are also over 400,000 scholarly papers on the use of adult stem cells to treat heart disease, many studies and a number of clinical trials (in the US).

First, indeed!

Stem Cells Transplanted From Marrow Into Heart May?!?! Improve Heart’s Performance

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May 26, 2009

Stem Cells Transplanted From Marrow Into Heart May Improve Heart’s Performance

ScienceDaily — The Cardiology department and the Area of Cell Therapy of Cordoba hospital Reina Sofia are carrying out clinical tests with patients who have suffered from a severe heart attack. With the implantation of the patient’s stem cells, the heart regenerates thus improving its wall motion, that is, its cardiac performance.

via http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/05/090526094616.htm

While I applaud the work, I think I’m going to start sounding like a broken record…
(Let’s jump back a week to May 20, 2009)
CATCH UP!! – Stem Cells MAY?? Offer New Way to Treat Blocked Arteries – Forbes.com

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Once again, US research and especially the US media (Forbes) is years behind the rest of the world on stem cell progress!

The headline in Forbes reads, “Stem Cells May Offer New Way to Treat Blocked Arteries.”  Here is where the rest of the world stands on cardiac and arterial treatment with stem cells.

1998 – Dr Doris Taylor takes stem cells from the thigh of a rabbit, injects them into scar tissue in the animal’s heart and repairs the damaged muscle.  The research was published in Nature Medicine.

1998-1999 – French researchers transplanted muscle cells into a human heart.

2000 – Human studies and trials using adult stem cells to regrow muscle tissue, including cardiac muscle tissue, are performed in many countries around the world.

2002 – Dr Taylor herself witnessed in Rotterdam the first patient in the world to get stem cells injected through a catheter into the wall of the heart. Encouraging results began to come in—improved ejection fractions, reduced diameters, thicker muscle tissue.

2004 – The first-ever commercial stem cell treatment center in the world was regrowing human cardiac muscle tissue in hundreds of patients in Thailand!  Stem cells are recognized as “smart,” going to where they were needed most, creating micro-vessel bypasses around blockages that were existing, those that were removed previously and in areas where stents were implanted.

2005 – Dr Taylor  rinsed rat hearts with detergent until the cells washed away and all that remained was a skeleton of tissue translucent as wax paper. She then injected the scaffold with fresh heart (stem) cells from newborn rats.  Four days later, “We could see these little areas that were beginning to beat.  By eight days, we could see the whole heart beating.”  The experiment, reported in the journal Nature Medicine, marked the first time scientists had created a functioning heart in the lab from biological tissue.

2009 – Present day.  There are currently dozens of stem cell treatment centers around the world who are using adult stem cells to treat cardiac disease in human patients and regrow both cardiac and skeletal muscle tissue and more.


catch up!

Fat-Derived Stem Cells Might Treat MS – US News and World Report

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There are probably more than a dozen articles on here to speak of stem cells treating MS successfully over the past 4-6 years.  One day the US might catch up but it doesn’t look promising.


ms-multiple sclerosis

Fat-Derived Stem Cells Might Treat MS

Small study suggests they inhibit runaway immune system response

Posted April 26, 2009

SUNDAY, April 26 (HealthDay News) — Stem cells taken from the fat tissue of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) may help treat the disease, suggests a preliminary study that included three patients.

The successful use of the stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cells in these patients shows that further clinical studies should be conducted into the use of SVF cells to treat multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases, the researchers said.

“All three patients in our study showed dramatic improvement in their condition after the course of SVF therapy. While obviously no conclusions in terms of therapeutic efficacy can be drawn from these reports, this first clinical use of fat stem cells for treatment of MS supports further investigation into this very simple and easily-implementable treatment methodology,” Dr. Boris Minev, division of neurosurgery at the University of California, San Diego, said in a news release.

In people with MS, the immune system attacks and destroys the myelin sheath that surrounds and protects nerves cells. It’s believed that SVF cells, and other stem cells, may limit this immune reaction and promote the growth of new myelin.

“None of the presently available MS treatments selectively inhibit the immune attack against the nervous system, nor do they stimulate regeneration of previously damaged tissue. We’ve shown that SVF cells may fill this therapeutic gap,” Minev said.

The study was published in the Journal of Translational Medicine.

via Fat-Derived Stem Cells Might Treat MS – US News and World Report.

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THE US IS #1! -Another STEM CELL first for the US!

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patriotic-poster - usa uncle sam

THE US IS #1! -Another first for the US!

The article below is entitled:

“The Leader in Stem Cell Research? The US.”

What a bunch of   *$&#X%!  We are only the leader in “consumption of embryonic stem cells used for research”.  We are in fact about 8 years behind most of the developed world in stem cell research.  What else are we #1 in?

#1 consumer of the stem cells that have shown the least potential for treatment (embryonic)!

#1 consumer of environmentally damaging and war causing oil!

#1 consumer of cocaine (shipped from Colombia through Mexico and the Caribbean), Colombian heroin, and Mexican heroin and marijuana!

What do you say we load up my SUV with cocaine and heroin, have a slammin party, OD on drugs and die young!  We might as well cause embryonic stem cells won’t produce cures for diseases anytime soon!

If only we could afford it.  Our country’s bank account is $-568,800,000,000 ranking us 188th in the world.  Not to worry, we still have a good chance of dying before needing stem cells.  The WHO ranks our health system at 37th, our life expectancy is 30th in the world, infant mortality is 34th in the world and this is all with our Health Expenditures as a % of GDP being almost the highest in the world (we are ranked #2).   Now that’s money well spent.

And we’ll all probably be shot soon anyway.  We are ranked 78th in intentional homicides (and in this category, #1 is good).

HOORAY FOR THE U.S.A.! What’s not to love? – dg


The Leader in (EMBRYONIC) Stem Cell Research? The US.

Which country gets the most embryonic stem cells for research?

The US.

The graph below comes from our research at Stanford (with my collaborators at Mayo Clinic and the University of Michigan), featured on the cover of the March issue of the journal Cell Stem Cell. We examined the world’s largest stem cell banks, in Wisconsin and at Harvard University. Twice as many shipments go to US researchers compared to rest of the world. The worldwide demand by scientists for embryonic stem cells is very strong. Way, way stronger than for credit default swap derivatives.

via The Leader in Stem Cell Research? The US. « The Stem Cell.

CATCH UP! – New stem cell technique brings Parkinson’s cure closer

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Chasing a cure for Neurological Disease

“New” stem cell technique brings Parkinson’s cure “closer”???? CATCH UP!  There are treatment centers around  the world that have been treating Parkinson’s disease with adult stem cells for years. -dg

New stem cell technique brings Parkinson’s cure closer

By David Derbyshire

Last updated at 11:07 AM on 06th March 2009

Unlike previous attempts to create stem cells, the American team of researchers did not need to create and destroy human embryos

A technique that turns human skin into healthy brain cells could offer hope to thousands of Parkinson’s disease patients, scientists said today.

Researchers believe that injections of these cells could reverse damage caused by the degenerative brain disease – and ease some of its most distressing symptoms.

It is the first time that scientists have ‘reprogrammed’ ordinary skin cells into becoming stem cells using this technique – and then turned them into healthy brain cells.

The brain cells produced dopamine, the chemical lacking in people suffering form Parkinson’s disease.

Unlike previous attempts to create stem cells, the American team of researchers did not need to create and destroy human embryos.

They were also able to make the cells free of cancer causing genes – a massive problem with previous experiments.

via New stem cell technique brings Parkinson’s cure closer | Mail Online.

CATCH UP! – Stem-cell company makes strides in cardiac treatment

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“Second phase of trial will come to the U.S. (and Rochester) in the middle of 2010, if the FDA agrees to it”

Dear 1 to 2 million cardiac patients who die per year.  Good news, Phase 2 of the trial is coming in 2010 and phase 4 of the trial will be finished in about another 5 years…oh, right, you’ll be dead by then.  Never mind.

In the meantime, Germany, Thailand, etc. have been successfully treating heart disease with adult stem cells for almost a decade.  – DG


3/5/2009 8:05:03 AM -By Jeff Kiger

Backed by Mayo Clinic research and investment, a Belgium biotechnology firm is testing a new treatment using stem cells to repair hearts,.

Cardio3 Biosciences recently launched a Phase II/III clinical study of C-Cure, its new cardiac disease treatment, in Belgium and Germany. While the length of the trial depends on getting patients enrolled, it has started with the first human already undergoing the treatment.

“It is a really big step,” said Cardio3 CEO Dr. Christian Homsy from his Belgium office this week.

Under a collaborative research and licensing agreement with Mayo Clinic, Cardio3 has developed process to “differentiate” stem cells taken from a patient’s own bone marrow to grow into new heart cells and repair diseased or malformed hearts.

C-Cure is based on research by Prof. Andre Terzic and Dr. Atta Behfar at Mayo Clinic. Terzic is one of the principal investigators for the clinical study.

“Second phase of trial will come to the U.S. (and Rochester) in the middle of 2010, if the FDA agrees to it,” Homsy says.

via Postbulletin.com: Rochester, MN.

Will Rover outlive Grandma?

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What does it say about the medical establishment and government when your dog can get better health care care than you can? -DG


RNL Offers a Free Stem Cell Shot for Pets for New Banking Customers

As a promotional event from RNL Bio, pet owners who register RNL’s stem cell bank for animals will have unique opportunity for free stem cell therapy for their pets.

(PRWEB) March 1, 2009 — RNL Bio, a leading stem cell firm dedicated to the commercialization of adult stem cell based therapeutics, announced today that any pet owner whose dogs, cats or even horses are registered in the stem cell bank will get free one coupon for one time stem cell therapy valid through one year.

RNL has operated a stem cell bank for animals in Rockville, Maryland. The one time processing fee for stem cell banking is only $999. The stem cells will be preserved alive in liquid nitrogen tank and hold good up to 15 years. During the preservation period, customers can claim stem cells whenever their beloved pets are in need of stem cell therapy to treat various obstinate diseases, including but not limited to osteoarthritis, spinal cord injury, heart condition, aging, kidney failure and even brain damage while they are alive. The stored cells can also be used for cloning dogs after their dogs pass away.

“I am very glad to offer new banking customers free stem cell therapy for lovely pets and you will get the wonderful experience of state of the art technology,” said Jeong Chan Ra, chief executive of RNL Bio. He added, “Stem cell has lots of potential. When your dog is alive, stem cell can be used to treat your dog’s illness. The stem cell will remain alive in our stem cell bank. When your dog passes away, the banked stem cells remain still alive. You can use them to clone your dog if you want to. We recommend our pet lover to register their pets’ stem cell while they are younger and healthier. Stem cells harvested when young have more efficiency.”


CATCH UP! US Medical Establishment still blind to Adult Stem Cell Benefits!

What are they waiting for?

What are they waiting for?

There are hundreds of peer reviewed publications that state the extraordinary benefits of adult stem cells in treating debilitating and deadly diseases…thousands of transplants around the world that show the benefits of adult stem cell treatments…and it is too soon to judge stem cell success?

What are they waiting for?  A drug made from adult stem cells that can be patented and sold?  The first treatment from embryonic stem cells that is over 10-50 years away?  Oh, right.  This is America.  That’s exactly what they are waiting for! -DG


By SHARI ROAN -Los Angeles Times -Updated: 02/26/2009 01:41:54 AM PST

Cynthia and Derak Hextell of Sacramento banked the umbilical… (LIZ O. BAYLEN/Los Angeles Times)

Walking, smiling and fidgeting, 3-year-old Dallas Hextell has become a poster child for the promise of stem cell therapy, a cutting edge treatment approach that may one day heal diseases such as diabetes, brain injury and Parkinson’s disease.

But he has also become a symbol, researchers say, of the worst side of experimental medicine: jumping to conclusions.

When Dallas was born, his parents Derak and Cynthia Hextell had arranged for a private blood bank to collect and store their son’s umbilical cord blood on the remote chance that he or another family member might some day need it.

At 9 months, Dallas was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a group of physical disorders related to brain injury around the time of birth. The Sacramento couple believes he improved dramatically after having an infusion of his own cord blood in July 2007 at Duke University as part of a trial of several dozen children.

The grateful couple appeared with Dallas on NBC’s “Today” show last March to alert others to the lifesaving qualities of umbilical cord blood. They have started a foundation to raise awareness about cord blood banking and are collaborating with a company to promote private banking.

But the story of one little boy has not yet changed the minds of major medical organizations. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation and other groups do not recommend private cord blood banking, because there is little evidence that the expensive process will pay off for families…!?

via TOO SOON TO JUDGE STEM CELL SUCCESS – MontereyHerald.com :.

CATCH UP! – FAT IS GOOD! (where stem cells are concerned)



If you have the money and the interest, you can get your fat lipo’d out of your butt and injected into your face for a younger, smoother look.  And now, your fat can save your life!  A person’s own fat (adipose tissue) has been proved over many years to be a great source for stem cells.  Now Cytori has caught on.  Unfortunately, these are only pre-clinical trial trial results and the typical clinical trial lasts 7-10 years and costs $250-500 million, so…don’t hold your breath for treatments in the US anytime soon. – DG

Study Finds Adipose (Fat) Derived Stem, Regenerative Cells Significantly Reduce Mortality, Kidney Damage

February 25, 2009 9:23 AM EST

Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: CYTX) finds adipose tissue-derived stem and regenerative cells significantly reduce mortality and improve renal function in an acute kidney injury model. The preclinical results were reported today at the 14th Annual International Conference on Continuous Renal Replacement Therapies.

Acute kidney injury is a tremendous medical and financial burden to the healthcare system due to high mortality rates and the lack of effective therapies beyond supportive treatments. However, these new study findings by Cytori may lead to new therapeutic treatments using ADRCs that could reduce morbidity and mortality associated with acute kidney injury. Although this study was performed using a manual extraction technique, this potential application could be made more efficient and cost effective with the use of Cytori’s Celution(R) System to isolate clinical grade ADRCs in real time.

As part of the study design, acute kidney injury was induced in 29 preclinical research subjects by occluding blood flow into and out of both kidneys for 38 minutes. Twenty minutes after reperfusion of the kidneys, ADRCs or saline only were injected intra-arterially. All subjects were assessed daily for 7 days for markers of kidney function (serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen) and survival.

After seven days, 100% of ADRC-treated preclinical subjects survived compared to only 57% in the control group (p<0.01). The ADRC-treated subjects also showed statistically significant improvements in kidney function, as measured by serum creatinine (p<0.0001) and blood urea nitrogen levels (p<0.0001). In addition, substantial improvement in the histologic structure within the kidney was observed, as measured by a reduction in tubular cell death and epithelial shedding (p<0.0001). This study suggests that ADRCs significantly accelerate renal repair and preserve renal function, offering a potential therapeutic approach in renal reparative medicine.

Kidney disease represents an annual cost of greater than $32 billion. More than 300,000 Americans are diagnosed with acute kidney injury annually, facing prolonged hospitalization, marked increases in morbidity as well as mortality.

via StreetInsider.com – Cytori Therapeutics’ (CYTX) Study Finds Adipose Derived Stem, Regenerative Cells Significantly Reduce Mortality, Kidney Damage.

Mr. President, the Science Is Waiting

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barack obama with his hands tied

barack obama with his hands tied

Mr. President, the Science Is Waiting

Mr. President, what’s taking so long on the stem cell executive order?

OK. That’s not really fair. It’s pretty clear that you’re consumed by some very important things during your first few weeks in office. Between mortgages, financial services and auto industry bailouts, and completing your Cabinet team, the critical challenges on your plate are urgent ones that need your attention. Welcome to the White House! I for one am happy you are there.

Four weeks after the election, though, I’m just a little confused about what happened to the stem cell issue on which you were so clear in the months and years leading up to the election. I get that campaign promises are sometimes just that – and honestly, I believe that is just part of the game. Even for you…

via Katie Hood: Mr. President, the Science Is Waiting.

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