In ALL ARTICLES, STEM CELLS IN THE NEWS on January 11, 2017 at 9:51 pm

What can you do after stem cells? Metallica!


This is James, 9 years after his stem cell treatment for Congestive Heart Failure, absolutely crushing Metallica’s “Leper Messiah” with a current ejection fraction of 50-55%…double his prior EF!

When he’s not slapping the skins, James is happily employed as a simulation engineer with KUKA robotics.

James Eilert, 34 years old, presented with a “widowmaker” [100 % blockage of the left ascending coronary artery]. His ejection fraction (EF – volume of blood his heart pumps out) was between 20 and 25 percent (55 is normal). His cardiologist told him he has about 5 years left to live. James rejected his prognosis and left the country in order to receive Adult Stem Cell treatment.
[Turn Down the Volume on your Computer!]

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