In STEM CELLS IN THE NEWS on April 23, 2014 at 4:23 pm
Better late than never…14 years after serious adult stem cell research began in other parts of the world, the FDA finally woke up and they are beginning, BEGINNING to research adult stem cells. They even made a positive statement about their regenerative promise. We’ll call this one a victory in that the outcry for adult stem cells has been so loud, the FDA finally relented and have begun research. Better late than never. Thanks for coming to the party FDA…

But…14 years late to the party. Reminds me of the last scene in Schindler’s list. How many lives could have been saved? How much suffering could have been eased. Well, let’s do the math.

“…in 2005 there were 2,448,000 deaths in the u.s.
4 of the top 6 killers were:

Heart disease (652,000 deaths)
Cancer (559,000 deaths)
Stroke (143,000 deaths)
Diabetes (75,000 deaths)

There were a total of 1,429,000 deaths in 2005 from these 4 diseases and there are renowned stem cell treatment centers around the world that have been successfully treating patients with these disease for years. Around the world, people with these disease are actively receiving asc treatments and benefiting from them.

How many of those 1,429,000 deaths in the USA Could have been averted with asc treatment? How many of those 1,429,000 lives in the u.s. Could have been extended with asc treatment until other treatments were available? We’ll never know. Maybe we could have saved 30% of those people with asc or 428,700 people per year. Over 10 years that might amount to 4,287,000 people saved.

Saving 10% = 142,900 per year or 1,429,000 people saved in 10 years.
Even saving just 2% = 28,580 people per year amounts to 285,800 over 10 years.” [With a potential of 15,000,000 saved over 10 years.]
via https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/stem-cells-101/

So when the FDA starts tooting their horn about showing up to the party, doing great research, working on unprecedented projects, the promise of adult stem cells and the ultimate success they will achieve…remind them they are doing so on the tail coats of the innumerable scientists, doctors and patients who have blazed the path before them…and please remind them to apologize to the millions who have died waiting for stem cell treatments in the USA. https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/why-no-stem-cells-in…/



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