In STEM CELLS - 101 on April 4, 2012 at 5:37 pm

Look guys, in any new health care industry you are going to find fraud and deception. You are also (hopefully) going to find success and health. You have to research new treatments and find out who knows the real skinny. Make sure you trust them before making a decision. “Caveat Emptor” (buyer beware) applies here as much as anywhere else. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. No treatment heals everyone. No treatment heals 100% of the time.

Stem cell treatments are relatively new. I designed a building for the first commercial treatment center in 2004 and was so blown away by what I saw, actually switched careers from architecture to stem cell education. There are real therapeutic benefits for many people from adult stem cell treatments for diseases which are considered incurable or with no means of life extension or symptom reduction or recovery.

My dream is patient empowerment. Taking someone frantic, ignorant and desperate and then educating them, calming them and empowering them to make the best health decisions they can for themselves.

I have been involved in adult stem cell education since 2004. I have dedicated my life to helping people find the best stem cell treatments in the world and protecting them from getting conned. I wrote a children’s book about stem cell treatments. I am working to get 2 members of my family treated with stem cells. Do NOT paint an entire industry of health care with one giant “con” brush. That would be the same as saying the entire pharmaceutical and medical system is a con or a fraud just because there are millions of hits when you google “FDA fraud.”

If you have had a bad experience then I am terribly sorry and wish we had met prior so I might have helped you avoid that experience. If you are basing your opinion on: “all you’ve heard is bad” then I would like to share this article: https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/do-stem-cell-treatments-work/  and over 1,300 clinical trials that prove the safety and efficacy of stem cells…not to mention thousands of patients treated whom have fewer symptoms or no symptoms and recovery or a higher quality of life.

(my response to a facebook dialogue from a stroke patient)

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