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Egg-making stem cells found in adult ovaries : Nature

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Egg-making stem cells found in adult ovaries

27 February 2012

Discovery could pave the way for new fertility treatments and a longer reproductive life.

It’s time to rewrite the textbooks. For 60 years, everyone from high-school biology teachers to top fertility specialists has been operating under the assumption that women are born with all the eggs they will ever produce, with no way to replenish that supply. But the discovery of human egg-producing stem cells, harvested from the ovaries of six women aged 22 to 33, puts that dogma in doubt.

The work, published online in Nature Medicine1 by Jonathan Tilly and colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, parallels the findings of a Shanghai-based group2 that isolated similar stem cells from mice in 2009. However, both this and Tilly’s earlier work in mice3 remained controversial, with many experts sceptical that such stem cells existed.

“This is unequivocal proof that not only was the mouse biology correct, but what we proposed eight years ago was also correct — that there was a human population of stem cells in young adult tissue,” says Tilly…

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