Patient’s own stem cells help heal heart, early research shows – CNN.com

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7 long years.

It has taken 7 years for the US medical system to CATCH UP to the rest of the world.  This article, though pro-adult stem cell, uses the same tired, B.S. lines like:

“This is the first instance of therapeutic regeneration”

This article blatantly ignores the thousands of of studies, trials and patients successfully treated over the last 7 years.  Sadly, we won’t see stem cell treatments readily, commonly and commercially available in the US for a long time. 

Many people will offer comments on these developments…

The uninformed will say: “first time ever!”

The optimists will say: “better late than never”

The realists will say: “10 years before US patients will have access to these treatments”

The families of those who have died over the past 7 years will say: “if only the US woke up sooner”


Stem cell treatments are available NOW outside of the United States at some of the most modern and advanced hospitals and clinics in the world.  Maybe, just maybe, the families of those who WILL die from heart disease over the NEXT 10 years will say:

“NOW is the time to go where they have been treating heart disease with stem cells for over half a decade”

For info on CURRENTLY AVAILABLE stem cell treatments for heart disease:


For more info and the HISTORY of stem cells for heart disease :


Patient's own stem cells help heal heart, early research shows

Patient’s own stem cells help heal heart, early research shows

A patient’s own heart cells can be used to regrow new heart tissue and help undo damage caused by a heart attack, according to early research published on Monday.

Scientists at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore were able to treat 17 heart attack patients with cells grown from their own heart tissue and not only show the procedure was safe, but also that the cells can help reduce scarring and even cause new heart muscle to grow.

When a person suffers a heart attack, he or she is often left with huge areas of scarring in the heart. Scarred heart muscle doesn’t pump blood as well as it used to, putting stress on other parts of the heart to make up for the deficit. The damaged area also doesn’t conduct electric current as well, leading to an abnormal heart rhythm, which can cause more problems. Heart attack patients often go on to develop heart failure.

“This is the first instance of therapeutic regeneration,” says Dr. Eduardo Marbán, director of the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute. He says while nature abounds with examples of spontaneous regeneration of limbs or tissues – like a salamander’s new tail or a human liver regrowing to full size if partially damaged – doctors have not been able to help patients regrow heart tissue. This could change in the future if larger clinical trials and longer patient outcomes confirm the results of this early research published Monday in the journal The Lancet.  Marbán and his colleagues first presented this research at an American Heart Association conference in November…

Patient’s own stem cells help heal heart, early research shows – – CNN.com Blogs.


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