In BUSINESS OF STEM CELLS on February 14, 2012 at 3:37 pm

I commented on the recent Cedar Sinai heart stem cell story and received an interesting response.  The Cedar Sinai story used the following erroneous quote”

“This is the first instance of therapeutic regeneration”

I took issue with this and sited the many years of trials, studies and patients treated to illustrate its inaccuracy.  See my comment below and then that of the Health Care reporter from KPCC, Stephanie O’Neill, …


Comment by StemCellBlogger, Stem cell writer, author, patient advocate.
7 long years. It has taken 7 years for the US medical system to CATCH UP to the rest of the world.

This article, though pro-adult stem cell, uses the same tired, B.S.
lines like: “This is the first instance of therapeutic regeneration”
This article blatantly ignores the thousands of of studies, trials and
patients successfully treated over the last 7 years.

Sadly, we won’t see stem cell treatments readily, commonly and
commercially available in the US for a long time. Many people will
offer comments on these developments…
The uninformed will say: “first time ever!”
The optimists will say: “better late than never”
The realists will say: “10 years before US patients will have access to these treatments”
The families of those who have died over the past 7 years will say: “if only the US woke up sooner”

Stem cell treatments are available NOW outside of the United States at
some of the most modern and advanced hospitals and clinics in the
world. Maybe, just maybe, the families of those who WILL die from heart
disease over the NEXT 10 years will say: “NOW is the time to go where
they have been treating heart disease with stem cells for over half a


Comment by Stephanie O’Neill, Health Care reporter, KPCC:
For the record: The line quoted in the comment was in neither of my stories – online or broadcast versions. Thank you, Stephanie O’Neill, Health Care reporter, KPCC.



I applaud Stephanie O’Neill (not the author of the original article) for understanding that the quote, “This is the first instance of therapeutic regeneration,” is wrong and further, not wanting her article and her reporting associated with inaccurate quotes.

Reporting on stem cells is like tap dancing through a  mine field.  There is so much misinformation out there and so many conflicting agendas and interests, it is very difficult to print the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  We have a responsibility to the patients to try to disseminate the information truthfully and in a manner they can be readily understood.

Stephanie, thanks for doing your part!  You have definitely earned a gold star from The Stem Cell Blog today!


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