Medical News: Stem Cells Help in Type 1 Diabetes – in Endocrinology, Diabetes from MedPage Today

In VICTORIES & SUCCESS STORIES on January 12, 2012 at 9:33 pm

Medical News: Stem Cells May Help in Type 1 Diabetes – in Endocrinology, Diabetes from MedPage Today.

Action Points  

    • A study in 15 patients, 12 of whom received the treatment, found that lymphocytes “re-educated” by passage with cord blood stem cells, were effective in treating patients with type 1 diabetes with and without residual beta cell function.
  • Both insulin requirements and glycated hemoglobin levels decreased significantly in the treated patients with effects lasting out to 40 weeks.

Therapy using the patient’s lymphocytes passed through a device with cord blood stem cells may “educate” the patient’s cells to provide safe, lasting treatment for patients with type 1 diabetes, according to the results of a small Chinese study.

Those patients with moderate diabetes and some residual beta cell function (Group A) exhibited improved fasting C-peptide levels at 12 and 24 weeks post-treatment, Yong Zhao, PhD, of the University of Illinois at Chicago, and colleagues reported online in BMC Medicine.

Patients with more severe disease and no residual beta cell function (Group B) also showed improvement at every follow-up…


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