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Imagine there was a scientifically complicated subject which was difficult to understand even if you had all the information.  Imagine it would take you days, weeks, months to educate yourself on the subject.  Imagine the subject had more rampant misinformation published than virtually any other subject published in the last 5 years.  Imagine how long it would take you to assess the reams of conflicting information on the subject.  Imagine the subject was further mired in political and religious controversy.

Imagine there was a guy who spent years researching the subject, the science, the studies, the trials, the results, the protocols, the politics and the religious agendas.  Imagine he had one of the premier education blogs on the subject, lectured on the subject, wrote a book on the subject to promote awareness.  Imagine he worked with some of the world’s experts on the subject, wrote their websites and newsletters and internal communications so the layperson could understand the subject. Imagine this guy had an incredible network reaching out to all corners of the world.

Imagine that guy was willing to share all of his information with you free of charge and free of partiality. Imagine he just wanted you to know what your options were so you could make an educated decision just as he did.  Imagine he could shorten your research time logarithmically, he could get your medical data in front of the top stem cell docs in the world withing hours, he could get you an answer to whether you and your specific condition could be treated today or tomorrow.  Imagine he could introduce you to the Director of the Clinic so you could receive the treatment info, the protocol info, the travel info, the costs and the details.

Filling out the form bit.ly/stemcellsnow allows me to approach the top stem cell docs in the world quickly to see if you, with your specific condition, medical history, etc. are a candidate for treatment at their particular facility.  Your condition and needs determine where is best.

I am merely…a bridge or shortcut to get you to your destination with the minimum amount of confusion, time, effort and expense.

  1. Are you aware of any stem cell research for animals/dogs with congestive heart failure? The reason I ask is that I have a 10 year old dog with Congestive Heart Failure.

    • I know of a number of veterinary treatment centers. Where are you located? Please you fill out this form bit.ly/stemcellsnow I will send your info to the stem cell docs and we can see who is treating your pups condition and where. Thanks for reading!

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