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The king is dead, long live the king!
Embryonic stem cells are dead, long live Adult stem cells!

In early 2009 I wrote an article called “SCREW THE EMBRYOS, THEY’RE IRRELEVANT!


“…since few people can afford to travel outside the country for adult stem cell treatments, ESC-crazed America, the Bangladesh of stem cells, with its focus on “treatment useless” research, and 4-8 years behind the rest of the world (in 2009) on available adult stem cell treatments, has become exactly that, a death row prison cell for those suffering from so-called untreatable diseases.”

In “SCREW THE EMBRYOS”, I explained why Embryonic stem cells will not treat humans for decades.  I explained how embryonic research has been 100% fruitless (in regard to generating treatments) for well-funded and government supported scientists around the world for the last 13 years. I explained how Adult stem cells have been treating patients outside the USA for years and I shared what a tragic, terrible waste of life it is that Americans don’t know there are safe and effective treatment options for over 100 incurable diseases.

With Embryonic stem cell treatment research now an obvious waste of time, money and resources, where should the desperate patient with chronic or incurable disease turn?  Adult Stem Cells

Allow me to introduce you to Adult Stem Cells.

STEM CELLS 101 pic

STEM CELLS 101 – short


  • SOURCE/DERIVED FROM – comes from blood, umbilical cords, bone marrow, placenta fat tissue, muscle, nasal neurological, breast milk, menstruation, dental pulp, and many more
  • PURPOSE IN BODY – they are the body’s natural healing cells
  • OBSTACLES+SIDE EFFECTS – ~zero problems (virtually zero side effects)
  • TREATMENT HISTORY – used in bone marrow transplants to treat cancer for 40 years
  • TREATMENT HISTORY – can currently treat 130+ diseases safely and effectively (CP, MS, Autism, Diabetes, CHF, PAD, etc)

To see if your condition can be treated with Adult stem cells, please fill out this form: http://bit.ly/PATIENTQUESTIONNAIRE

cbs logoCBS has been against Adult Stem Cells for years.  They repeatedly referred to the doctors and scientists involved in adult stem cell treatments as quacks, crooks, con-men and scam artists.  They refer to adult stem cell treatments as snake oil despite a record of safety and efficacy going back to 2002! At the same time, CBS has been promoting the ‘huge potential of embryonic stem cell treatments.’  I take no pleasure in the irony that the CBS “eye” has been completely blind to the benefits of Adult stem cells for years while the rest of the world touted their benefits and the rest of the world’s patients recovered from terminal, chronic and incurable illnesses while American patients had zero options for recovery.

For a history of stem cell treatments of heart disease going back to 2002 – https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/heart-disease-treatment/

All of this has now changed.  CBS has done a 180 degree flip and are now advocates for the benefits of Adult stem cells!

CBS VIDEO on Adult Stem Cell Success with Heart Disease

CBS ARTICLE on Adult Stem Cell Success with Heart Disease

Clinical Trial in The Lancet CBS Based Their Reporting On

Irony number 2 is that CBS uses words like “breakthrough” and “first ever.”


Do you know there are 443 clinical trials at clinicaltrials.gov with the keywords “stem cell” and “cardiac?”  There is not a single one which is a completed Embryonic stem cell trial.  Point of fact, there is not a single completed Embryonic stem cell trial for any disease anywhere. There are over 2,000 completed Adult stem cell trials.


Do you know there are 5,170 peer reviewed published studies with the keywords “adult stem cell” and “cardiac?”



With the death of Embryonic stem cell treatments and the RE-discovery of Adult stem cell treatments, don’t you owe it to yourself to see if Adult stem cells can help you?

To see if your condition can be treated with Adult stem cells,

please fill out this form: http://bit.ly/PATIENTQUESTIONNAIRE

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