In CELEBRITIES & STEM CELLS on October 6, 2011 at 1:27 am

I posted this on Montel William’s Facebook page:

“I just received 13 pages of new Stem Cell Treatments for MS info. There is editing and translation and I am trying to get fully substantiated results for these treatments…if you are interested in reviewing the info.”



It was removed within 10 seconds of my posting it on Montel’s page.  Why would they not want to know about new treatments?  Don’t they have a responsibility as leaders of social media to share new treatment info with their followers?

It’s really a damn shame.  Christopher Reeves died chasing embryonic stem cells while adult stem cells have given the ability to walk to paraplegics.  Michael J Fox chases embryonic stem cells while adult stem cells have 60-70% success treating Parkinson’s disease.  The brilliant visionary Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer never knowing about a number of successful cancer treatments.  The blind can now see.  Diabetics are off insulin.  Heart transplant patients play tennis with their own heart healed.

It’s time people!!  If you know any leaders in media, corporate or politics; please refer them to me and I will personally explain to them why so many people do not have to die today.

Be the change in the world you want to see – Ghandi
…before it’s too late.


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