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Experts grow whole tooth units using mouse stem cells

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Old news, I covered this story and other similar stories as far back as August of 2009 (see below)…but they are just picking it up now so I thought I would post it.  CATCH UP!!!!  –  DSG


Experts grow whole tooth units using mouse stem cells – Reuters
Credit: Reuters/Dr. Takashi Tsuji/Tokyo University of Science/Handout By Tan Ee Lyn HONG KONG (Reuters) – Scientists in Japan said on Wednesday they have created teeth — complete with connective fibers and bones — by using mouse stem cells and 

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New Teeth From Stem Cells in Mice

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Teeth have been grown from stem cell “seeds” and planted in the mouths of mice, scientists from Tokyo University reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. They hope it could lead to replacing teeth in humans, or even to rebuilding whole organs.

The Japanese scientists developed a bioengineered “tooth germ” — a seed-like package containing all the cells and instructions necessary to form a tooth…

Scientists grow fully functional tooth from stem cells

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Scientists grow fully functional tooth from stem cells

August 22, 4:12 PMNY Holistic Body & Spirit ExaminerTima Vlasto

Though teeth have been grown in mice before, scientists revealed in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences their success at growing a “fully functional” tooth from stem cells in mice…



A denture-free world with adult stem cells

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bush stole my denturesNova Southeastern University’s dental researchers at the College of Dental Medicine are growing and harvesting human dental stem cells in the laboratory.A 2009 NSU survey of dentists around the nation revealed that more than half thought that they would be using stem cell and tissue engineering therapies on their patients within the next decade.

An overwhelming 96 percent of dentists believe the ability to regenerate and replace teeth and dental tissues is the future of dentistry, according to the survey…


Jaw bone created from (patient’s own) stem cells

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Jaw bone created from (patient’s own) stem cells – BBC NEWS | Health | – New bone created in the lab

The new bone was created from bone marrow stem cells

Scientists have created part of the jaw joint in the lab using human adult stem cells.

Two points from me:

1. Cloning, shmoning! The facts is, they have already created hearts, windpipes and jawbones from adult stem cells. No clones needed, no rejection issues, no transplants, no immunosuppressive drugs,….we can just make the bone, organ, teeth, etc that fit perfectly into your body because they are made from your body (and from your own stem cells)…


Body’s Own Stem Cells Can Lead to Tooth Regeneration

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I met with Dr. Mao last summer and I found his presentation fascinating and informative.  Imagine taking stem cells from your own body and regrowing your won teeth. No dentures, crowns, implants, foreign materials, etc. etc.  Imagine; tooth regeneration from your own body, for your own body.  -dg

Monday, May 24, 2010

Body’s Own Stem Cells Can Lead to Tooth Regeneration

A technique pioneered in the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory of Dr. Jeremy Mao, the Edward V. Zegarelli Professor of Dental Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, can orchestrate stem cells to migrate to a 3-D scaffold infused with growth factor, holding the translational potential to yield an anatomically correct tooth in as soon as nine weeks once implanted…
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