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Bulgaria: Unique Stem Cell Transplantation Carried Out in Bulgaria

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The first non-family bone marrow transplant took place in Bulgaria this Tuesday showing that the world is moving forward with stem cells even if the US is not.  Bone Marrow transplants have been carried out for about 40 years for leukemia and other cancers to replace bone marrow destroyed by chemotherapy. -dg

Bulgaria: Unique Stem Cell Transplantation Carried Out in Bulgaria

The first transplantation of stem cells from a non-family member donor in Bulgaria was carried out Tuesday night at the National Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Hematological Diseases in Sofia.

The stem cells arrived from Frankfurt at the Sofia International Airport on Tuesday night and were taken to the hospital by the director, Georgi Mihaylov, the Bulgarian private TV channel bTV reported.

They were used for the life-saving transplantation of a 28-year-old woman with acute leukemia.

Bulgaria: Unique Stem Cell Transplantation Carried Out in Bulgaria – Novinite.com – Sofia News Agency.


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Please join me and my dear friend Nancy in commemorating the life of Steve Snyder, an incredible and greatly missed human being who was taken from us way too soon.

Nancy Pilchik

Steve Snyder and Nancy Pilchik

A heartfelt plea from Nancy-

This past December I lost someone very close to me to suicide. Steve Snyder was an amazing man…brilliant, funny, warm, and charming (in his unique way). Steve left behind a beautiful little daughter and lots of friends who miss him terribly.

The Out of the Darkness Overnight Experience is a 18-mile walk over the course of one night. Net proceeds benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, funding research, education, and awareness programs – both to prevent suicide and to assist those affected by suicide.

Please click below to support me as I take this amazing journey. Every little bit helps.

Thanks for your support,


Steve’s family and friends have been forever changed by his passing.  They will continue to miss him deeply for the rest of their lives and they wrote a few words we’d like to share with you:

  • I have no words to describe how devastatingly sad this tragedy is. Rest peacefully, dear friend. You were loved and you will be missed.
  • Steve was always one of the ‘good guys’!
  • Steve you were a great soul and someone people will miss.
  • I’m gonna miss running for a thesaurus looking to find words that you wrote.
  • Steve was extremely smart, funny, witty, good-hearted and caring. The world is a better place for his time with us, and we are all better people for the time we shared with him.
  • I’m deeply saddened by this tragedy… He was my cousin and my friend… I will miss him at family gatherings; I will miss his insights, his sense of humor, and our debates about law, politics, and economics… I don’t think that there is a simple rational explanation for what happened. He will be dearly missed by those he left behind.
  • His brilliant wit and raw dissection of life led us to question everything and everyone we took for granted. We will miss Steve’s humor, wit and zest for life.
  • I remember Steve’s keen intelligence and sharp wit.
  • The world is a worse place because he is gone and like so many people I will miss him for the rest of my life.
  • Good bye Steve the world is lesser place today, but heaven is better in welcoming you.


Heart drug linked to higher breast cancer risk | Reuters

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Heart drug linked to higher breast cancer risk

Women taking the heart drug digoxin have an increased risk of breast cancer, according to a study of more than 2 million Danes.

By Genevra Pittman – NEW YORK | Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:27pm EDT

(Reuters Health) –

Digoxin, marketed as Lanoxin and Digitek, is used by people with heart failure or with abnormal heart beats. But it can also act like the female hormone estrogen in the body…

those currently on it were about 40 percent more likely to get breast cancer.


Heart drug linked to higher breast cancer risk | Reuters.


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Elizabeth Taylor dies of congestive heart failure!!

A devastating loss to American and World culture, film and screen and one of the most cherished and greatest characters of our time.  What strikes me as particularly troubling is that perhaps it could have been avoided.  Elizabeth Taylor suffered from congestive heart failure since 2004.  Congestive heart failure has been treated successfully outside the USA since 2004…and I’ll bet she and her loved ones (all multiple millions of them)  had no idea that there were other options out there. Adult stem cell treatments can lower a congestive heart failure patient from stage 3 or 4 to stage 1 or 2, can double Ejection Fractions and can do so in about 70% of patients.  A tragic loss. -dg

Dame Elizabeth Taylor, seen here in 1953, has died in a Los Angeles hospital following a lengthy illness

Acting legend Elizabeth Taylor dies of congestive heart failure in hospital

  • Actress passed away from congestive heart failure after suffering from the condition since 2004

Elizabeth Taylor dies of heart failure in hospital aged 79 | Mail Online.

Her last show: Elizabeth was snapped celebrating her 79th birthday a month early in January before she was admitted to hospital a few days after

Her last show: Elizabeth was snapped celebrating her 79th birthday a month early in January before she was admitted to hospital a few days after

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