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Eating certain foods may cut off the blood supply to tumors forming and existing in your body

by David Granovsky on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 9:19pm


This video ties together many of my beliefs. Here is a simple summation of the 18 minute video for educational purposes:

We know that not eating certain foods will reduce incidence of cancer but did you know that eating certain foods will reduce the incidence, growth and severity of cancer?

You can in fact eat foods that will turn on a response in your body to fight many diseases. In this case, the foods you eat actively starve and destroy the blood vessels feeding the tumors, thereby starving the tumor of nutrients and oxygen and thereby destroying the tumor. Blood vessel growth is angiogenesis, blood vessel starvation is called anti-angiogenesis.

Foods that promote anti-angiogenesis should be purchased from local, organic growers (less shipping, more ripe, less pesticides, etc) and the more of them you eat, the more effect they are.

In most cases, the foods should be eaten in the most raw and unrefined state you can get them except tomatoes which seem to be more effective when cooked. 79,000 men were studied and those that ate tomatoes 2-3x per week had 40-50% less incidence of prostate cancer.

The veggies can be juiced so you can consume more of the nutrients and less of the fiber. I can drink 2 heads of celery and 3 bunches of parsley a day when juiced…but if I tried to eat that in a raw salad form I would be bound up for a week.

AND, the more anti-angiogenisis foods you eat, the a huge side benefit is getting thinner. Obesity and cancer are directly related. Reduce the abnormal blood vessel growth associated with cancer and you will reduce the blood vessel growth in your fat (and vice versa) and you get thinner and healthier. This is seen in the book The Okinawa Diet that showed that the less obese you are the less cancer incidence.

For more detailed info:



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