Spain takes the lead in organ regeneration…FROM STEM CELLS IN YOUR OWN BODY!

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(Science fiction? Hardly!)

“The world’s first laboratory for the creation of bioartificial organs using adult stem cells was opened in Spain today (Nov 3).”  via http://thereader.es/en/spain-news-stories/4922-Spain-takes-the-lead-in-organ-regeneration.html

VIDEO: An entire functional heart was created using a heart ‘shell’ and stem cells.

New organs created from your own adult stem cells!  The organ regeneration process is based on the research originated by Prof Doris Taylor in 1998.  THIS is why the title of my book is

Super Stemmys

Super Stemmys – Doris and the Super Cells

and why the dedication reads: “…to the one scientist and physician who overcame monumental obstacles to lead the way to use repair stem cells for the treatment of heart disease; and ultimately, for the treatment of 100+ additional diseases.” – You can purchase Super Stemmys – Doris and the Super Cells here: https://www.createspace.com/3391680

I began my  blog in February of 2009 and one of my first articles referenced the work of Prof Doris Taylor: “In 1998, Prof. Doris Taylor (University of Minnesota’s Medtronic-Bakken Chair in Cardiac Repair & Director of the Center for Cardiovascular Repair) proved that RSC had the capability to help cure heart disease in rodents.” via https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/an-introduction-to-rsc/

‘What began as the outlandish quest of one woman in 1998…one woman who swam against a huge tidal flow of scientists and doctors telling her she was out of her mind…is now, 12 years later, hitting mainstream science, academia and media. Who is this woman and what did she do?  You’ve probably never heard of her (unless you’ve read my book – “Super Stemmys”) but she will most likely go down in history as the mother of 21st century patient specific organ regeneration. Organs, btw, that are both rejection free and require no immunosuppressive drugs. In other words… “YOUR OWN organs grown from YOUR OWN stem cells.”

Here’s how it all started…

  • 1998 – Dr Doris Taylor takes stem cells from the thigh of a rabbit, injects them into scar tissue in the animal’s heart and repairs the damaged muscle.  Published in Nature Medicine.
  • 2002 – Dr Taylor herself witnessed, in Rotterdam, the first patient in the world to get stem cells injected through a catheter into the wall of the heart. Encouraging results began to come in—improved ejection fractions, reduced diameters, thicker muscle tissue.
  • 2005 – Advancements continue as Dr Taylor rinses rat hearts with detergent until the cells washed away and all that remained was a skeleton of tissue translucent as wax paper. She then injected the scaffold with fresh heart (stem) cells from newborn rats.  Four days later, “We could see these little areas that were beginning to beat.  By eight days, we could see the whole heart beating.”  The experiment, reported in the journal Nature Medicine, marked the first time scientists had created a functioning heart in the lab from biological tissue.

Read it again! Doctor Doris Taylor grew a new heart in a lab 5 YEARS AGO!’
via https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/2010/07/15/stem-cell-scientists-unveil-lab-grown-lung-abc-news-australian-broadcasting-corporation/


TREATMENT INFORMATION: If you or a loved one interested is in receiving FREE information on currently available stem cell treatments for HEART DISEASE, please contact me at dsgrano@gmail.com or for other options, go to: CONTACT ME


For an in depth history of STEM CELL TREATMENTS for HEART DISEASE

  1. This is too wonderful and hopeful even though I had my own stem cell transplant in Thailand two years ago and it helped a lot!
    Now I could finish the job in Spain!!
    Of course in the right time, etc. Thanks David
    Mike Rumble

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