City to consider medical marijuana ordinance soon – News – Press and Guide

In Medical Marijuana on September 14, 2010 at 7:27 pm

City to consider medical marijuana ordinance soon

By Ben Baird, Press & Guide Newspapers

DEARBORN HEIGHTS — A zoning ordinance amendment that would allow medical marijuana manufacturing facilities in the city went past its first reading before City Council on Sept. 14.

The ordinance amendment also deals with medical marijuana dispensaries, facilities where legally registered primary caregivers can assist qualifying patients with medical marijuana use.

A medical marijuana moratorium was extended by council at the meeting. The moratorium was created to give council time to adopt ordinance dealing with the changes in state law on medical marijuana.

Council Chair Ken Baron said council will have a study session in about three weeks to discuss the ordinance before it goes for a second reading. The session will be public and any interested residents are welcome, he said.

Mayor Dan Paletko said he there are some interested residents who have already contacted his office regarding the ordinance.

“A lot of the council members don’t know which way to go, and I’m one of them,” Baron said. “I see a lot of problems.”

Councilwoman Margaret Van Houten said she is against the ordinance because she believes it will be impossible to enforce.

She would like Dearborn Heights to move in the direction of not allowing marijuana manufacturing facilities in the city, she said, which she believes is the direction Dearborn and Livonia are going in.

“A lot of residents are very concerned that the laws are going to be abused,” Van Houten said.

She said she shares the concern that manufacturing facilities could be abused and lead to the situation where they would be accessed by the general public.

The city can’t restrict residents licensed for medical marijuana for their own use, Van Houten said, but the city does have control over what kinds of businesses come here.

There are a lot of questions council has at this point, Baron said. He said attorney Mark Roberts will be at the study session to answers their questions.

Council has to be careful with the ordinance, he said. He hopes there will be a good explanation of what residents can and can’t do, he said. He said he wishes the state had made laws on medical marijuana more stringent.

The moratorium has been extended four months, Baron said, so council has the time to give the ordinance careful consideration.

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