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In Medical Marijuana on September 3, 2010 at 7:49 pm

Marijuana has been proven to have medical benefits for patients with certain conditions. Although marijuana is still considered as an illegal drug, doctors have been administering marijuana because it provides relief for some minor ailments and even on major complication such as cancer and glaucoma. That is why more medical marijuana clinics are opening up to provide the marijuana treatment for patients.

Medical marijuana clinics offer marijuana treatment for various ailments. One benefit that patients get from medical marijuana clinics is the proven antiemetic components that marijuana possesses. Marijuana is known to treat nausea and vomiting. Its THC targets parts of the brain that trigger nausea. THC is usually used among patients who are undergoing staggering chemotherapy sessions. THC is then administered to the patients to induce vomiting and nausea.

Another major ailment that medical marijuana clinics treat is multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis causes spasms in the muscular system of an affected patient. And since marijuana is also known to have a relaxing effect on the muscles, it provides a relief for those who have the particular disease. Some studies have already shown that upon administering THC on the multiple sclerosis patients, 40 percent of the respondents had a temporary relief in their muscle spasms and other symptoms that multiple sclerosis brings. Moreover, it showed that most of the patients who had a relief from smoking marijuana eventually were treated from the disease.

In addition, marijuana is proven to cure glaucoma. Glaucoma is the complication that involves the eye. The eye is damaged as the production of the aqueous humor increases. This then increases the intraocular pressure in the eye causing severe pain and decreased vision. With the components of THC, the intraocular pressure may be decreased thus, relieving pain and improving the vision. Eventually with the use of marijuana, the glaucoma can be successfully treated. However, to get the relief patient should be administered with THC regularly. That is why most medical marijuana clinics administer marijuana derivatives to mitigate the continual smoking method of consumption of marijuana.

Epilepsy can be treated as well with the help of medical marijuana clinics. Epilepsy involves the damages of the nerves in the body. It is a neurological disorder which in turn, may cause unprecedented seizures. However, with the help of marijuana, the symptoms of seizures brought by epilepsy may be treated since THC also targets the Autonomic Nervous System. THC balances the ANS thus, giving relief to the symptoms caused by epilepsy.

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