Worldwide Medical Conference Draws over 30 Countries, 150 Top Scientists to Indianapolis, Indiana

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Worldwide Medical Conference Draws over 30 Countries, 150 Top Scientists to Indianapolis, Indiana

The International Federation of Adipose Therapeutics and Science (IFATS) is holding their 2007 world medical and research conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, October 18-20. The conference will present advancements in research of Adipose derived stem cells This will be the last IFATS conference to be held in the United States in the near future, as the conference moves to France next year and South Korea in 2009.

Multidisciplinary investigators from over 30 countries will attend the three-day conference, hosted by Keith L. March, MD, PhD, current IFATS president, Professor of Medicine, Physiology, and Biomedical Engineering, Indiana University School of Medicine.

This is the only organization that focuses on the understanding and treatment of disease by probing into the characteristics of adipose tissue and its rich repository of stem cells. This meeting will be more exciting than ever before, with the field of adipose stem cells having demonstrated a truly remarkable growth in interest over the last year. This is based on a progressive recognition of the host of possibilities for addressing diseases that affect very many people, including those with heart disease, problems with circulation to the legs, stroke, neurological disorders, diabetes, obesity, hemophilia, autoimmune diseases, kidney disease, bone and joint problems, and others.

More than 150 researchers from over 30 countries will join with representatives from more than 15 companies that are actively working in the area of adipose stem cells. Keynote lectures from scientists who have made truly seminal contributions in the translational science of other important types of adult stem cells will greatly enrich the 2007 conference. Dr. Anthony Atala (leader in the field of amniotic-fluid derived stem cells). Dr. Hal Broxmeyer (discover of umbilical cord-blood derived stem cells), and Dr. Katarina LeBlanc (leader in the field of bone-marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells) will lecture in their respective disciplines. Biosketches of each of these speakers is available on the IFATS website: http://www.ifats.org. A number of new clinical trials using or planning the use of adipose stem cells in patients will be discussed by the investigators.

via Worldwide Medical Conference Draws over 30 Countries, 150 Top Scientists to Indianapolis, Indiana.

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