Shiu Sisters – CP and ROP Adult Stem Cell Patients

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Shiu Sisters – Cerebral Palsy and ROP – Adult Stem Cell Treatment

Tuesday, 29 June 2010 11:34

Sisters from Hong Kong, both Celia and Angelica have CP. Angelica also has ROP–a common retinal problem common in premature births. They received adult stem cell therapy together.

Celia: 2 years old, Cerebral Palsy

Angelic: 4 years old, Cerebral Palsy and Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)

Condition Before Treatment

Angelica was born prematurely, and as a result suffered a brain injury which lead to Cerebral Palsy and ROP. Her mother, Eileen describes her condition, “we have found that her speech is quite delayed and so is her interaction with other people. Her vision is pretty bad because she has ROP”

Her sister, unfortunately, was also diagnosed with CP at the age of one and a half. Her mother describes her symptoms, “the major problem with Celia is related to motor problems, her gross motor skills are lacking and there is some delay with her fine motor skills… She could not walk before she came here, and her balance was very poor so her alignment was off when standing, so she had very poor posture.”

Though both girls were receiving conventional therapy in Hong Kong and doing well, their parents were afraid that they were not reaching the proper developmental milestones. After careful research, they decided that stem cell therapy would help their daughters meet their goals.


Both Sisters received 6 umbilical cord blood stem cell injections along with physical therapy, occupational therapy, electric wave therapy, and acupuncture.

Condition After Treatment

After receiving stem cell treatment, both sisters started experiencing changes in their condition.

Celia, in particular, saw dramatic improvement in her strength and mobility. Her mom explains, “After the second treatment, she got more power. She was willing to stand more and she asked me to help her to stand up and she wants to walk. And she can. She is starting to walk! I am very happy to see this result. She stands and walks, I think, around 4 hours a day. And before she came here she could not stand for so long. Probably a half hour a day is all she could do.”

Eileen also saw improvements in Angelica’s behavior and vision,
“Well she has more interaction with people and I think there is some improvement in her vision, because when I take pictures of her and I tell her to look at the camera she really is able to look at the camera. So I am pleased to see this result too.

“When I talk to her and ask her to do something, it seems like she really hears it and she does what I tell her. She is actually listening. So I am pleased to see her behaviors change. I think it helps my elder daughter catch up in her development.”

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