Adult Stem Cells – Diabetes type1

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Great article and great site written by the mother of a boy who had a transplant from his own stem cells (autologous) for Type1 Diabetes and Asperger’s Syndrome! -dg

Diabetes type 1 and the Cure – What I feel Are the Most Promising

I first wanted to hear if from a child’s perspective. Here it goes:

Mom: What do you feel is the cure for diabetes?

Gabriel: What I had done.

Mom: What did you have done?

Gabriel: Stem Cells from my body.

Mom: How do you feel?

Gabriel: Good. I thank God. I just hope that my anteebuddies don’t attack my new cells.

Mom: How about if one day your Endo gives you a sheet of paper and allowed to choose one to cure you. Let’s assume you were given these options. Which one would you choose?

1. Adult stem cell transplant (what you had done)

2. Artificial pancreas

3. Islet Cell Transplantation from a donor pancreas

4. Islet Sheet

5. Pig Islet Cell Transplant

6. Stem Cell Therapy Drug(from donor) via injections

I explained the above in child’s terminology.

Gabriel: I like #1. What I had done. I know what to expect and it didn’t hurt and it was safe. I am doing well.

Mom: Why not the others?

Gabriel: I don’t know about pigs in my body. I may become one. I don’t get it. I don’t want # 2 because I already wear an insulin pump and I don’t want more things on my body. I am full of holes and this is really not the cure. It’s just something better than the pump. I don’t know about the others.

Mom: How about #6.

Gabriel: It’s something like #1, but it’s from other people’s body not my own. I want my own body to go back into my body. Why can’t they do #6 with the person’s own body? Oh, on #4…..I don’t know if that sheet will melt or pop inside my body. Do I need to go back and get a new one? how do they get the sheet inside my body? Mommy, remember when we travel and we go through those bars at the airport and I take off my pump? Would the sheet inside my body make the security bar ring? and then I cannot take it off. How about when I go to the doctor and get X-rays will it explode the sheet? I don’t think I like #4.

Mom: Good questions and I don’t know the answer. I’m assuming it will be fine.

Mom: So, what are you going to do when you are cured?

Gabriel: I will close my eyes and look at the sky and raise my hands up really really high and thank God for no more insulin, no more counting carbs, no more backpack wherever I go! And then, and then, ummmm… I will have a bubble gum party. Yes! I will have a bubble gum party!

Mom: Who are you going to invite to the bubble gum party?

Gabriel: Everyone that wants to come.

Mom: Who will pay this big party?

Gabriel: hmmmmm..You and Dad. Maybe JDRF.

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