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Stem Cells + Dance – Artist of the month” Nadine Lavi”

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What on earth do stem cells, dance and David Granovsky have in common? Read on and find out… -dg

Artist of the month” Nadine Lavi”

This month our “Artist of the Month” is the writer, Nadine Lavi.  Nadine has written regularly for Dance International magazine for the past decade, and has a regular blog, “Nadine Lavi’s Dance Notes,” at Forum Artistico. She published her first book last year, and is working on several others, a screenplay, and is teaching English Composition to college students in New York City.

F.A.: What projects are you working on now?

Nadine: Right now, I am working on the screenplay about my grandfather’s life. I am also working on a book about a dear friend, Marc Brew, who is a dancer who was paralyzed in a car wreck 13 years ago. He is amazing and so inspirational and he still dances and choreographs. There is the chance for his life to change as stem cell treatments are available and there have been cases when paralyzed people walked again after the treatment. David Granovsky, who is a stem cell advocate and expert, is working with me to add information about that area to the book, and together we are also planning to form a foundation in Marc’s name to help him and other paralyzed dancers get money for this treatment. It may extend to non-dancers with paralysis as well; at this point we are trying to set everything up. In addition, I am working on other articles including another one about Fabrice, his protégé Beatriz Stix-Brunell, an article for The New Yorker magazine on David, and other articles. I am also always working on improving as a dancer. Future projects include a book about David, and two other screenplays.

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