ARE YOU “Sick and desperate?”

In ALL ARTICLES on May 18, 2010 at 4:58 pm

I recently read an article entitled:

“Sick and desperate fueling ‘stem-cell tourism’ –
Patients turn to illegal procedures offshore to help their damaged hearts”

and was struck by the number of inconsistencies in the title and sub-title alone before ever reading the article.

1.  “Sick and desperate fueling ‘stem-cell tourism’”???

If the patients are sick and desperate then it is because the US medical system has made or kept them that way and offer no alternatives to conventional and non-working treatments.

2.  “Patients turn to illegal procedures offshore…”???

If they are offshore then they are not illegal (except in the US).

3.  “…to help their damaged hearts”???

So the only question to answer is…DO STEM CELL TREATMENTS (for damaged hearts) WORK?



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