US is #1 in Stem Cell Research! …sort of…

In BUSINESS OF STEM CELLS, CATCH UP! on April 29, 2010 at 7:39 pm

We are #1!

With the release of new lines of embryonic stem cells, the US may reclaim their title as #1!  But #1 in what regard? Consumption of stem cells?  Not quite…

Consumption of embryonic stem cells?  Well, yes…but…

We are really only the leader in “consumption of embryonic stem cells used for research”.  But there is a reason for this.  Many countries have tried to research embryonic stem cells for treatment, for a decade or more, with full governmental and fiduciary support and then…given up.  Embryonic stem cells bring with them transplant rejection issues and grow into tumors and cysts.

We are in fact about 8 years behind most of the developed world in adult stem cell research; the only stem cells that have over half a decade of proven safety and efficacy.  So hooray for us!

What else are we #1 in?

We are the…

  • #1 consumer of the stem cells that have shown the least potential for treatment (embryonic)!
  • #1 consumer of environmentally damaging and war causing oil!
  • #1 consumer of cocaine (shipped from Colombia through Mexico and the Caribbean), Colombian heroin, and Mexican heroin and marijuana!

Here’s an idea, snarky as it may be…
What do you say we load up an SUV with cocaine and heroin, have a slammin party, OD on drugs and die young!  We might as well cause embryonic stem cells won’t produce cures for diseases anytime soon!

Not a bad idea, at least we could go out with a bang…If only we could afford it.

Our country’s bank account is more than $-568,800,000,000 ranking us 188th in the world.  Not to worry, we still have a good chance of dying before needing stem cells.  The WHO ranks our health system at 37th, our life expectancy is 30th in the world, infant mortality is 34th in the world and this is all with our Health Expenditures as a % of GDP being almost the highest in the world (we are ranked #2).   Now that’s money well spent.

And we’ll all probably be shot soon anyway.  We are ranked 78th in intentional homicides (and in this category, #1 is good).

HOORAY FOR THE U.S.A.! What’s not to love? – dg

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