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Saturday April, 17, 2010

259 A.M. I Can’t Sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0411/neil barron

I just found out today that my friends, the Peterson family, are going for Cameron Peterson’s second round of Adult Stem Cell Treatments in December, 2010.  Carol Peterson wants me and my grandmother to come a long and get  my treatments as well.  Unfortunately, I do not have enough money for the treatment.  I’m asking for your help.

This is more then a Want

It Is A Need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Different environments and unfamiliar surroundings throw my entire physical plus mental nervous systems into complete and total chaos so it would be a lot easier to make the journey both for me and my 84 year old grandmother with friends like Carol and her family to support us and whom are familiar with the surroundings.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I do not like to beg…But I am not too proud to do it, if all other options have been exhausted.   So I am Begging…crying out to the citizens of the planet earth for donations of any amount.  Every single penny is appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please help me so that I can be of service to the people that I love, the Earth and all who live on it! 🙂

Thank You!

Sincerely, Neil Barron

P.S. I turn 30, December, 16, 2010 , this would be the greatest birthday combination Christmas gift that anyone has ever received!

DONATE TO NEIL’S CAUSE:  http://www.quipnation.com/helpneilfightcp

ARTICLE ABOUT NEIL: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2010/04/12/1083901/a-29-year-old-phenix-city-man.html


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