Man Receives His Own Stem Cells as a Treatment for Heart Failure

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This story is HUGE.  No, not because a guy got better from stem cells…that’s been goi ng on commercially for half a decade around the world and was proven safe and effective in testing and studies on humans for over a decade.  What’s amazing about this story is that:

a human patient received ADULT stem cells in the US and the story was reported by a major US science publication in a positive light.

To explain;

  • for years the US news sources were unable or incapable or ordered not to publish any positive stories about ADULT stem cells.
  • There were falsely reported positive hyped stories about embryonic stem cell success everywhere…
  • There were positive stories about induced pluripotent stem cells…
  • then there were negative stories about induced pluripootent stem cells…
  • and when the negative induced pluripotent stem cell stories came out, someone decided to rename THOSE stem cells ADULT so as to confuse everyone and cast a negative light on ADULT stem cells…
  • and there were positive ADULT stem cell stories because you just can’t hold back the tide of positive stories from around the world – but these stories never ever had the word ADULT  associated with positive results so the reader had to assume the story was about embryonic…
  • but there were NEVER positive ADULT stem cell stories where the reporter called them ADULT stem cells.
  • This may in fact be the first!

WELL DONE! Keep up the good work!

Now maybe the US can start to catch up on using ADULT stem cells for treatment…seeing as how the EXACT content of this story has already been repeated around the world for almost a decade now. -dg

Man Receives His Own Stem Cells as a Treatment for Heart Failure

By Mandy Kendrick – Jul 27, 2009 03:45 PM

The first person to receive a new cardiac stem cell treatment in a U.S. Food and Drug Administration clinical trial is doing well, it was announced last week.

On Friday, doctors at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, in collaboration with the nearby Jewish Hospital, issued a press release stating that one week after treatment, Mike Jones’s heart was getting stronger.

Jones, whose heart tissue is permanently scarred and weakened by two previous heart attacks, suffers from congestive heart failure, a condition affecting about five million Americans each year, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Currently, two treatment options predominate for patients with heart failure, said Mark Slaughter, a cardiovascular surgeon who aided in the trial. A person can receive a heart transplant or a mechanically assisted heart device.

The new approach, using a patient’s adult stem cells to regenerate healthy heart tissue, is currently in phase I clinical trials to test for safety. The procedure consists of removing healthy heart tissue from the patient, purifying the stem cells from the material, and allowing the stem cell population to grow. Once ready, the stem cells are reintroduced into the scarred region of the heart using a minimally invasive technique.

Since the re-injection of his own stem cells on July 17, Jones’s heart has increased its ability to pump blood by about 5 percent. Jones commented in the University of Louisville School of Medicine press release that he felt so good he might “even start jogging again.”

The doctors will continue monitoring Jones every few months for the next two years to measure his recovery. There are currently 13 more patients going through the phase I trial, and the researchers hope to eventually test a total of 20 patients.

Last month, a group at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles made news with a similar technique that was undergoing clinical trials.  Instead of using purified stem cells, the group is using a mixture of cells, including stem cells, to regenerate heart tissue. Ken Miles, the first patient to receive the treatment, told CBS’s The Early Show that he “feels great.”

  1. It is remarkable that it has taken so long — from the mid 60s — to begin using cellular transplantations methods on such a basic scale, and find that it works so well for a host of treatments!

    Now all we have to do is make this treatment available to Primary Care Physicians, and Nurse Practioners and the cost for drugs, medical care, hospital care and insurance premiums will drop!

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