Adult Stem Cells Reverse Heart Attack Damage

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Proven safe and effective Repair Stem Cell Treatments for heart disease have been performed around the world for over half a decade. https://repairstemcell.wordpress.com/2009/10/10/do-stem-cell-treatments-work/

Can Repair Stem Cell Treatments help your heart disease?

Adult stem-cell therapy continues to prove useful for treating heart disease patients, according to researchers at the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine.

The study found that injecting stem cells into patients within 10 days of a heart attack could repair heart damage.

Researchers said it could be several years before there are federally approved cardiac stem-cell therapies [IN THE US].

Wesley J. Smith, senior fellow in human rights and bioethics at the Discovery Institute, said it demonstrates the effectiveness of stem cells that do not require the destruction of human embryos.

“It is a tremendous potential victory for medical science,” he said.

Jeff Karp, assistant professor at the Harvard Medical School, explained that the process may eliminate the need for drugs.

“You can take mesenchymal stem cells from one person,” he said, “implant them or inject them into another person and not require any matching or immune-suppressive drugs.”

via Illinois Federation for Right to Life: NEWS SHORTS FOR FRIDAY.

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