Alpha Inventions – A Year Later

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I signed up on AlphaInventions a year ago.  It is a very cool site that lets you see a streaming blog roll in the area of your interest.  Check it out!  http://alphainventions.com It’s one of those hot growing sites that you wish you knew about!

On my best traffic day, when I was typically bringing in traffic in the 1k to 2k range, I had 7,000 visits in one day…reached in part due to the technology made available by alphainventions.  It’s not google level numbers but it sure got my eyes open! As time went on, I became involved in different projects and methods for generating qualified traffic.  So….a year later, what will happen if I post an alpha inventions article?  Will I get my typical 5k per day or will I get 5k + 7k?  Hmmm…..

And btw, this is from my original post on a new category called “Off The Beaten Path”…a section of The Stem Cell Blog where non stem cell related posts will go…a place to let my hair down and recognize that maybe, just maybe…You may think of it as the mutant half child of Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” and Monty Python’s “and now for something completely different!”

“all stem cells and no play” makes David a dull boy.


David Granovsky


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