Bone Marrow Cells May Improve Stem Cell Therapy, Study Finds

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Why would they burden the amazing healing properties of bone marrow stem cells with the rejection and tumors associated with embryonic stem cells?  Bone marrow stem cells work already; they don’t need embryonic stem cells…cord blood stem cells work, umbilical cord cells, fat cells, neuro cells….all work already.  ADULT & REPAIR STEM CELLS WORK!  Even Embryonic Stem Cell focused California has finally realized where their efforts should be…

It’s like tying an arsonist to someone with a puritan work ethic in the hopes that more work gets done.  Ok, bad analogy but you get the point…

…so, anyone who can come up with an appropriate analogy to illustrate this point gets a free one year subscription to the Stem Cell Newsletter.-dg

Bone Marrow Cells May Improve Stem Cell Therapy, Study Finds??

January 28th 2010 12:00 AM

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Researchers say they have devised a new strategy that increases the likelihood of a recipient’s immune system accepting embryonic stem cell transplants. The strategy involves fusing bone marrow cells to embryonic stem cells. Once fused, the hybrid cells have DNA from both the donor and recipient, raising hopes that immune rejection of embryonic stem cell therapies can be avoided without drugs. The findings appear in the February issue of the FASEB Journal

Although the study holds great promise for future embryonic stem cell therapies, the results may be even more far reaching. The team used two different mouse strains, one as the donor and the other as the recipient. When bone marrow cells were engrafted into the recipient, they tested for the presence of both donor and recipient cells and found three different types of cells: donor cells, recipient cells, and fused cells that had DNA from the donor and recipient…

via Bone Marrow Cells May Improve Stem Cell Therapy, Study Finds.

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